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Why you should be rich

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Becoming rich is not easy; yet it is possible. Making wealth is not a child’s play; it requires faith, gut and tenacity.

The Bible said money answereth all things. There is nothing truer than this statement because there is virtually nothing that you can do without the impact of money one way or the other.

If you are still oscillating between taking the pains to build wealth or staying in average life as a virtue, then consider the following:

1. You need to be rich so as to be generous. It is almost impossible to be generous if you are not in control of finances.
Helping yourself or helping others is a philanthropic gesture; and philanthropy is not an issue of the poor and failures; it is simply a feat for those who has financial backbone or wherewithal.

2. So that you can sleep soundly. One Yoruba adage said; “Lack is panacea for worries”.
Yes, without money you’ll be full of worries, fears and apprehensions.
Alhaji Kollington Ayinla, a Yoruba fuji music maestro once sang; “If a man is without money, he is a walking corpse”

3. You need money to give your children the best of education. Only foolish men will not think of giving their children good education in this age. It is usually the wish of every responsible parent to give their wards the best of education. And common sense tells me that sound education is not cheap.
And so, anyone who will give his child or children sound education will have to spend extra for such purpose.

4. You need money so that your voice can be heard. In the Bible, the book of proverbs 13:22 said; A good man will leave an inheritance for his children’s children “
The reality of this life that we are in is that money controls the affairs of men. As long as we are still alive and breathing here on earth; money will continue to be a serious factor in the affair of life. The Bible even confirmed the importanance of money in Ecclesiastes 10:19 that “Money answereth all things”

5. You deserve a vacation: Going on a vacation is a normal life essence. The reason most people don’t think about it is because of the monetary reasons. May God remove the spells of poverty that is evident in the lives of most Nigerians beginning from this year in Jesus name – Amen.


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