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Turning tests into Testimonies

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We all craved to be blessed and be in a position of blessedness to both ourselves and humanity.


It’s usually a sweet song to sing Abraham Blessing’s are mine; but it is usually a different ball game to go through Abraham’s challenges. We all want the double portion of Job and Elisha in the Bible; but not many of us will like to go through Job and Elisha’s experiences.


However, in recent times, the Holy Spirit gave me some spiritual demands of blessed people.

To be blessed; you need to have passionate love for humanity from generation to generation, it has been established that the most blessed people are those who have the most love for humanity.

Jesus had passionate love for humanity, and his fame transcend that of any other being; dead or alive.


Zig Ziglar said, “The best way to have everything you want is to help enough other people to get what they want”


Mahatma Ghandi was not a President of America, but only few Presidents of India has the kind of   fame and blessedness that he has.


In South Africa, the love that Nelson Mandela had for the people is basically second to none.


The reward that he got in return was presidency, fame, fortune and international accolades.


Mother Theresa has passionate love for the less priviledged all around the world. Despite that she came from a very humble background and by the standard of cash, she is nowhere to be found; yet the world rewarded her with fame, fortune and awards for her magnanimity.


  1. Love for Knowledge: This is another factor that cannot be over emphasised when it comes to blessedness.

Try and go into history; and you will hardly find any high flyer and achiever who is not a man of letters.


Obafemi Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Nelson Mandela, Kofi Anan, etc are all men of letters


If you are truly serious about being blessed; decide to be a man of letters.


  1. The place of plans: Those who are headed for blessings should be master planners.


  1. The God factor: The Bible said when Paul plant and Appollo waters, and there is no blessing of God, it will be all efforts in vain.
  2. For a better society
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