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Omoragbon defends Nigerian nurses in UK, says they are intelligent, not involved in fraud

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Pastor Peters Osawaru Omoragbon, President, Nurses Across the Borders International, has defended Nigerian nurses in the United Kingdom, saying they are intelligent and not involved in any kind of fraud.


Pastor Omoragbon took the stand in his intervention at the 2024 Nigeria Nursing Leaders Conference which took place in Abuja, with a strong defence for the Nigerian nurses accused of Computer Based Test (CBT) fraud by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), United Kingdom.


He said, “I feel I should mention this. A lot of you have heard about the CBT saga, because the press in the United Kingdom is awash with stories that Nigerian nurses are involved in fraud, and that they entered the NMC register fraudulently. I stand here with every sense of responsibility to state that our nurses are intelligent, they are not involved in any kind of fraud, and I just want to tell you that even the investigation carried out by the NMC, said that the system was not tampered with, two they said, everything was okay. I am quoting them, they said the nurses finished their exam in such a manner that, when they compared it with the global standard, their timing were shorter. The question, I want to ask, is if an exam is for two hours and you answer it in one hour, is that a crime or fraud? So that is exactly why the nurses are being punished. The council accused them of finishing too fast, and that there maybe one or two proxy writers. Who were the proxy writers? They should identify them. You can group over 500 nurses together for one crime without any proof of all committing the crime. If anyone is found culpable, he or she should be made to face the music. There is nothing like collective punishment for a crime. Everyone is investigated individually and tried individually.  None of them has been identified for copying anything.”


He revealed that when the examination was retaken in the UK, the nurses passed the exam even earlier than they passed it in Nigeria. “The reason why I am saying this, is, I am not affected but, it is dear to my heart. Now the nurses were asked to retake the same exam in United Kingdom, do you know that some of them passed the exam faster than they passed in Nigeria.”


Omoragbon maintained that the simplest exam in competency test is the CBT test and queried why those that passed other harder courses would cheat in CBT


“Of all the tests of competency, CBT exam done by internationally educated nurses,  the simplest exam is the CBT test, the IELTS, is more difficult, the OSCE is more difficult, so the nurse who passed the OSCE exam that is supervised in United Kingdom and then because she passed the  CBT exam so fast . in Nigeria, is fraudulent! What about the result that was done in the UK, they gave them three opportunities, and they did it at one sitting and they passed. If you accused the nurses of fraud in the Nigeria exam, what about the one done in the UK.


He urged the council to take the matter up and carry out an independent investigation in the interest of the nurses and Nigeria as a whole. “I know the government is interested, the council should be concerned because these nurses were registered from this council, the council should not just sit down, the council should look at it, set up a panel to carry out their own independent investigation;  not based on whatever report from the United Kingdom, because those reports are biased, and not tenable. The NMC cannot be the judge and prosecutor in their own case.  if you accused anybody of committing a crime, a criminal offence, you take them to court, and when the court establishes they commit that crime, then, they will be punished.”


He said something urgent must be done in that regard as many of the nurses are suffering because of what he called profiling. “But now a lot of our nurses are suffering because of this profiling, I call it profiling, but hopefully, as time goes on, the law will take its course, and those nurses will be exonerated.


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