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NAWOJ Bayelsa Mark world Family Day, urge the public to reflect on the importance of family

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Story by Elizabeth Vincent, yenagoa

Nigeria Association of Women Journalists, (NAWOJ) Bayelsa State Chapter has urged members of the public to reflect on the importance of family and the need to strengthen family bonds to overcome barriers of separation.

Report has it that over 23% of individuals live in slums in urban areas and many of these persons are members of families.

Also an estimated 2% of the global population is homeless and an additional 20 per cent live in inadequate housing and many of these victims have been abandoned by their families.

Here in Bayelsa State, the government has made efforts to promote family-friendly policies and programs and has taken steps to address issues such as child marriage and gender-based violence, which can have a negative impact on families.

Community-based initiatives, such as the creation of public spaces for socialization and recreation, can also contribute to promoting family bonding and community cohesion.

However, the state still faces challenges such as urbanization, poverty, and lack of access to education and healthcare, which can affect family well-being.

Generally in society, it is within families that children acquire socialization as they learn from the adults.

It is sad to know that the basic social unit called family, tasked with responsibility in meeting the basic needs of family members in most case cannot provide the basic needs due to difficulties being faced in society.

To this end, the chairperson NAWOJ Bayelsa Mrs. Grace Orumieyefa on behalf of members in celebrating the World Family Day has called on Families, Government, Stakeholders and Non
Governmental Organizations to create awareness of the importance and the benefits of Family.

NAWOJ urges the public to use this opportunity to reflect on how families are affected by social and economic trends and to strengthen all families bonds.

Mrs. Orumieyefa appealed that polices to better families and awareness campaigns for family time and family reunion should be looked into as it will create and nurture healthy relationships.

As NAWOJ join every family to celebrate World Family Day across the globe it is believed that everyone would
embrace their families, build family relationships as well as promote culture of togetherness, imbibe discipline, morals and avoid things that will put people asunder.

This year’s theme for Global Family Day is “Embracing Diversity, Strengthening Families”as a way to celebrate the unique tapestry of cultures, backgrounds, and experiences that enrich families, fostering understanding, and promoting inclusion.

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