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Governor Kefas Unveils 250 Tractors to support farmers towards pumper harvest

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Emmanuel Awari-Jalingo

In his efforts to boost the moral of farmers towards bumper harvest, Governor Kefas has unveiled 250 Tractors out of 850 in Taraba State, marking a significant milestone in his administration.

In his speech, Taraba State Governor, Dr. Agbu Kefas describe the gesture as significant milestone in his administration’s journey towards agricultural prosperity and self sufficiency.

“As we celebrate one year of dedicated service and progress in our state, I am delighted to announce the launch of state of the art tractors from the Czech Republic.

“This pivotal moment is not just about unavailing machinery. It is about sowing the seed of hope, progress and a brighter future for all our farmers.

“Agricultural has always been the backbone of Taraba State.

“Our fertile lands, hard working farmers, and rich agricultural heritage from the form the cornerstone of our economy , but yet, up till now our farmers have faced numerous challenges from inadequate tools to unpredictable climate conditions.

“Today, we take a significant step towards overcoming these challenges and harnessing the vast agricultural potentials of our state.

According to him, the tractors, equipped with the latest technology symbolize the government commitment to modernizing agriculture in taraba and promise to continue to do more.

“And this represents a new era where farmers will no longer be limited by outdated equipment. Instead, they will have the tools to enhance productivity, reduce manual labour, and increase crop yields.

“This advancements will not only boost our local economy but also position Taraba as a leading agricultural hub in Nigeria.

“As your governor and brother, I am committed to ensuring that these tractors reach the hands of our dedicated farmers.

“We have established transparent and efficient distribution channels to guarantee that every farmer irrespective of size or location benefits from this initiative.

The Governor pointed out that his administration is out to empower farmers to produce more, earn more and contribute more to the prosperity of the state.

“This launch is part of a broader strategy to revitalise our agricultural sector.

“We are investing in training programmes to ensure our farmers can operate and maintain these new equipment effectively.

“We are enhancing our agricultural extension services to provide ongoing support, expertise and more.

“Moreover, we are developing infrustructure such as immigration systems, storage facilities to complement this technological advancement.

He extend his heartfelt gratitude to partners from the Czech Republic for their support and collaboration.

“Your contribution is not just an investment in machinery, but an investment in the lives of our farmers and the future of Taraba State.

“Just as the representative of the Czech Ambassador to Nigeria earlier said, we have been brainstorming on what we are celebrating here today for past – more than five years ago, and today our dream has come true, and we give glory to God.

“To our farmers, I say this to you today, that you are the heartbeat of our state . Your resilience, definition and hard work have sustained us through thick and thin. Today we honour your contributions and renew our commitment to supporting you.

“The journey ahead may still have its challenges, but together we will overcome them and achieve remarkable success.

“Let this day be a demonstration to what we can achieve when we work together with a shared vision and firm determination.

“As we look to the future, let us embrace these new opportunities with optimism and a renewed spirit of enterprise.

“Together as a people, we will transform Taraba State into a landmark of agricultural excellence and prosperity – he said.

Earlier, the Commissioner of Agriculture and Food Security, Prof. Nicholas, noted that this is the first time the state government has provided such facilities. He mentioned that over 250 Youths have been trained to use the Tractors effectively.

A representative from the SALEK company, Czech republic supplying the Tractors, praised Governor Kefas for his efforts and expressed continued support for Taraba’s agricultural development. The Chairman of the Rice Association of Taraba State commended the Governor, noting that these Tractors have already reduced poverty in the state by 30%.

The Czech Republic Ambassador’s representative emphasized the growing partnership between the Czech Republic and Taraba State, hoping for future collaborations in food processing.

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