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Renowned Pastor Bishop Desmond Osazuwa Amasihohu foretells Victor Osimhen’s Triumph in the World Cup

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In a remarkable display of divine insight, Bishop Desmond Osazuwa Amasihohu, a respected pastor in Europe and Nigeria, made an extraordinary prophetic declaration regarding the future of football sensation Victor Osimhen. Known for his accurate predictions and spiritual guidance, Bishop Amasihohu has now turned his attention to the world of football, specifically forecasting Osimhen’s triumphant journey in the forthcoming FIFA World Cup.


Bishop Amasihohu’s previous predictions, which included God’swill Akpabio’s appointment as Senate President and the election victory of Tinubu, while foreseeing Peter Obi’s subsequent legal pursuit of his mandate, have come to pass. In alignment with his prophetic track record, Bishop Amasihohu now asserts that Victor Osimhen, the maestro of Napoli Football Club, will claim victory in the highly coveted World Cup.

In his own words, Bishop Amasihohu states, “Victor Osimhen will not only secure the FIFA Clubside World Cup but shall also emerge triumphant in the FIFA World Cup in the future. This prophetic message has been received from the Lord through Desmond Osazuwa.”


Furthermore, the bishop elaborates, “In the spiritual realms, a vision of Victor Osimhen as the crowned victor of the World Cup has been divinely bestowed upon me. He shall lead Nigeria to the tournament and bring home the coveted trophy.”


The anointing of greatness rests upon Victor Osimhen, propelling him to elevate both his club and his nation to new heights. Bishop Amasihohu affirms his prophetic declaration with unwavering certainty, emphasizing that Osimhen is destined to secure this prestigious accolade for his club and country.


Bishop Desmond Osazuwa Amasihohu, widely acknowledged for his influential spiritual guidance and prophetic foresight, continues to offer profound predictions for the future of Nigeria. With his latest proclamation on Victor Osimhen’s triumph in the World Cup, the bishop exemplifies his commitment to providing enlightenment and direction to those seeking divine intervention.

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About Bishop Desmond Osazuwa Amasihohu: Bishop Desmond Osazuwa Amasihohu is a renowned pastor and spiritual leader known for his accurate prophecies and influential teachings. With a strong presence in both Europe and Nigeria, Bishop Amasihohu has gained a reputation for providing spiritual guidance and direction to those seeking divine intervention. His prophetic insights have impacted various spheres of life, including politics and sports.


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