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MC Day Ignites the Music Industry with uplifting new single “I Got GOD”

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Get ready to groove to the uplifting beats of MC Day’s latest inspirational hit, “I Got God”! Bursting with positivity and catchy melodies, this feel-good track is set to inspire and energize listeners across Nigeria and beyond. Samson Olumide popularly known as MC Day, a beloved figure in the Entertainment world, delivers a joyful reminder to keep the faith and never give up.


At the vibrant launch event, MC Day shared the heartfelt inspiration behind the song with his signature warmth and enthusiasm. “This song is international, meant for everyone out there facing challenges. It’s my way of saying, ‘Hang in there, don’t give up!’ ‘I Won’t Give Up Now because I got GOD’ comes straight from my heart, reflecting my journey over the past 15 years in the entertainment industry” McDay exclaimed with a smile.


He added, “We’re spreading the message that God’s got our back, even when life gets tough. In a world where people are losing hope and turning to unhealthy habits, this song is a cheerful reminder to stay strong and focused on the positive. It’s a refreshing break from the usual music that’s all about the flashy and superficial. ‘I Won’t Give Up Now’ is all about good vibes and real, uplifting energy.”


MC Day, a versatile comedian cum music artist is no stranger to lighting up a room with his infectious positivity. His new single is already making waves, bringing joy and encouragement to listeners everywhere. Whether you’re streaming it online or dancing along at home, “I Got GOD ” is the perfect anthem to lift your spirits and keep you moving forward.


Join the fun and feel the love by streaming and downloading “I Got GOD” on all major online platforms. For more upbeat tunes and heartwarming messages, follow McDay Samson on social media and stay connected to his musical journey.


MC Day Samson is a celebrated Global versatile comedian via artist known for his infectious positivity and soulful music. With over 15 years of spreading joy through his songs, MC Day continues to inspire audiences with his uplifting messages and vibrant energy.


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