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FCTA Cracks Down on Commercial Motorcycles in Restricted Areas

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Favour Ishember, Abuja

The Directorate of Road Traffic Service (DRTS) of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) has vowed to intensify efforts to curb the activities of commercial motorcycles in restricted areas. This comes as the directorate continues its clampdown on okada operators in areas such as Federal Medical Centre, EFCC, and NASENI in Idu.

According to the Director of Operations, DRTS, Deborah Osho, residents have expressed worry over the menace of commercial motorcycle operators, and the directorate is working to adopt new measures to tackle the challenge.

While she didn’t disclose the specifics of the new measures, she emphasized that the operation is a mandate that must be sustained.

Osho explained that the directorate has received complaints from residents about the activities of okada operators in areas such as Idu, NASENI, and EFCC, which are not designated for commercial motorcycle operations.

She added that the directorate will continue to impound okadas found in these areas, as they violate the laws and regulations of traffic and transportation in the FCT.

The Secretary, Command and Control FCTA, Dr. Peter Olumuji, stated that the operation is a response to the passionate appeal of Idu-Karmo residents to address the insecurity in the area.

He clarified that the motorcycles recently distributed to security agencies by the FCT Minister were not impounded okadas, but rather specially purchased for security operations.

Olumuji described insinuations to the contrary as an unpatriotic misconception, emphasizing that the bikes are meant for security purposes, such as enabling vigilante and hunters to access difficult terrain and make arrests.

The FCTA’s efforts aim to rid the city of the okada menace and ensure the safety and security of residents.

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