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Bishop kukah blast FG: Says proposed N5,000 monthly allowance for subsidy removal, Scam

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The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Dr. Matthew Kukah, has described as scam the Federal Government proposed payment of N5,000 transportation allowance as a remedial for the removal of fuel subsidy billed to take effect early next year.

The Bishop who appeared on Arise News primetime news hour for brief interview, noted that Nigeria does not have such money to pay millions of people monthly.

He add that he can bet with anything that the government will not pay such amount to Nigerians even if such fund is available

He responded with a smile when asked if the government would abide by its word by paying N5000 monthly allowance: “I can bet with you that the government cannot pay such amount monthly. Where do we get such amount to pay millions of people monthly. Even if such amount is available, the government will not pay. It is one of the usual promises.”

When asked how he feels when government agents attack him verbally anytime he makes statement on national issues, Bishop Kukuh expressed surprise on such action, stressing that any statement he makes on national issues are his personal opinion, hence he expected no attack from anyone.

The Sokoto Diocese Bishop said democracy gives room for freedom of expression, hence making his position known on issues shouldn’t be interferred with.

“Demoracy gives me the right to make my opinion known. So, anything I say is my personal opinion and not anyone’s, and it is not targeted at anyone. So, I don’t know why people should be offended by what I say.

“People do contact me from outside Nigeria to speak on issues, and I do. What I say might not necessarily be right but that is my opinion. And so, I do not expect anyone to pick offence on what I say because it is my opinion.”



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