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Visionary leadership, strategic partnerships key to shaping education in Nigeria – NewGlobe

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At the 7th Edo Summit, Alaghodaro, tagged “Creating Shared Opportunities for a Bright Future”, the Group Managing Director, Dr Soji Akinyele noted that investing in strategic partnerships by governments is key in shaping a brighter future for education in Edo state.

Dr. Akinyele made this remark while addressing the Executive Governor of Edo State, Governor Godwin Obaseki at the Alaghodaro Summit. He commended the governor’s commitment towards the improvement of education systems and learning outcomes through the EdoBEST programme.

“Governor Obaseki’s vision and dedication to improving education in Edo State have been instrumental in the success of the EdoBEST program. His commitment to leveraging digital technology for enhanced learning outcomes reflects a forward-thinking approach to education,” Dr. Akinyele said.

The partnership between NewGlobe and the Edo state government was the first partnership of the former in helping state governments improve learning outcomes for millions of children in Nigeria.

Speaking on the success of the EdoBEST programme in improving foundational learning skills, Governor Godwin Obaseki noted “We were able to transform the basic education system in Edo state through our EdoBEST programme which today is being hailed as one of Africa’s most transformative programmes”.

Under Governor Obaseki’s leadership, Edo has witnessed remarkable success in the education sector, with improved teacher training, the introduction of digital tools to enhance the teaching and learning process. The programme’s holistic approach has revolutionized classroom management, equipping teachers to prepare students with essential skills for the 21st Century.

“Since 2018, we have increased enrolment from 24,000 children to over 380,000 in our EdoBEST ecosystem. We have also improved the quality of learning outcomes for our children and helped them become very confident in themselves,” Governor Obaseki noted in his address at the Alaghodaro Summit.

The partnership between the Edo State Government and NewGlobe exemplifies a collaborative effort towards achieving educational excellence. Following the success of the EdoBEST programme in reforming education systems and improving learning outcomes, NewGlobe has gone on to partner with Lagos, Kwara and Bayelsa State governments.

NewGlobe has played a crucial role in implementing state-wide education reforms, improving learning outcomes for millions of children in partnership with visionary governments within and outside Nigeria.

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