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Alaghodaro 2023: Fostering Growth Through Collaboration,  Innovation

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A Reflection on Seven Years of Transformative Governance


The Edo State Government recently hosted the Alaghodaro 2023 Summit from 8-12 November 2023, marking a pivotal moment in the state’s journey of progress. The 7th in the series, it served as a platform for reflection on the achievements of the past seven years under the leadership of the state governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki.

Mr. Obaseki in his keynote address, highlighted the remarkable transformation that Edo State has undergone during his tenure. He asserted that the state has been re-engineered for growth, and one of the crown jewels of his administration’s achievement – the groundbreaking EdoBEST education program is a legacy that will leave an indelible mark.


A Transformative Education Paradigm


Assuming office at the peak of a mass exodus of youths and an education system that lacked appropriate learning content and commitment on the part of teachers, Governor Obaseki’s vision was to make education the bedrock of sustainable development.


The EdoBEST programme was launched in 2018 as the government’s response to building a sustainable education system that would impact the future of the Edo child, building a sustainable society for generations to come.


“For us in Edo state when we assumed office in 2016, we realised that we had to fix the foundations of our education system”, Governor Godwin Obaseki said in a World Bank documentary speaking to the rationale behind reforming education systems in the state.


Speaking to Financial Times in 2021, the Governor outlined the key areas the EdoBEST programme sought to address. “To transform our entire education system, we launched the Edo Basic Education Sector Transformation (EdoBEST) three years ago. We focused on reforming specific areas: governance and institutions, community participation and partnerships, infrastructure, leadership and — critically — teacher development and curriculum”, he said.


A Transformative Leap in Education


To revitalize the foundational levels of education and empower students with the knowledge and skills necessary for the challenges of the 21st century, the Edo state government collaborated with ed-tech giant, NewGlobe in providing a data-driven and technology-enabled education system and a fit-for-purpose curriculum.

Employing a unique combination of technology, data-driven training and coaching, scientifically-based learning materials, and technology-equipped support teams to significantly enhance learning outcomes at a large scale, NewGlobe’s holistic systemic approach has proven effective in improving learning outcomes for children in Edo state across various socioeconomic backgrounds, aligning with the broader vision of education as an engine for accelerated and equitable economic growth.


One of the program’s key achievements has been the enhancement of the quality of teaching. By investing in teaching tools, teacher training and professional development, the partnership between the Edo State government and NewGlobe has equipped educators with the latest pedagogical tools and methodologies, simplifying the teaching-learning process. This has created a conducive learning environment that fosters critical thinking and creativity among students.


“For us, what was unique about that solution was first, giving us the capacity as a government to be able to deploy tools to the classrooms to help us understand what was going on in the classroom, to help us understand what was going on between the teacher and children in school, to help us understand what the teacher is teaching and if these children are learning and how to evaluate the outcomes from the process”, Governor Obaseki noted in a Financial Times article.


The partnership between the Edo State Government and NewGlobe exemplifies a collaborative effort towards achieving educational excellence. As a technical partner to the state government, NewGlobe has played a crucial role in implementing and fine-tuning the digital components of the EdoBEST programme, ensuring that the programme aligns with global standards of educational innovation.


A Collaborative Journey Towards Educational Excellence


Speaking at the 7th Alaghodaro Summit, the Group Managing Director, NewGlobe Nigeria, Dr Olusoji Akinyele acknowledged Governor Obaseki’s visionary leadership and commitment to improving learning outcomes in Edo State. Describing the education sector reform as being pivotal in improving learning outcomes for children in Edo state.


“Governor Obaseki’s vision and dedication to improving education in Edo State have been instrumental in the success of the EdoBEST program. His commitment to leveraging digital technology for enhanced learning outcomes reflects a forward-thinking approach to education,” stated Dr. Akinyele.


The Alaghodaro 2023 Summit provided a platform to showcase the achievements of collaboration and investment by external parties towards achieving the master plan for Edo State. The collaborative efforts between the government and technical partners like NewGlobe highlight the potential for transformative change when public and private sectors join forces for a common goal.


In the journey towards educational excellence, Edo State continues to lead the pack in reforming basic education and ensuring that every child in the State has access to quality education irrespective of socio-economic background or location. The success of the EdoBEST programme reinforces the belief that visionary leadership and strategic partnerships are key ingredients for shaping a brighter future for education in Nigeria.

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