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US-based Nigerian artist, Chukwuemeka shines with amazing solo shows

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. displays igbo cultural heritage in paintings

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Blessing Akorowosi
A United States-based Nigerian artist, Chukwuemeka Anthony Chukwu has been lauded for his outstanding paintings and artworks.
Chukwuemeka is known for displaying his cultural heritage in his paintings reflecting the rich culture of Africa. His creativity was nurtured from Nigeria before moving to New York city where he studied at the School of Visual Arts.
He had his first solo show at Baltimore Community College, Catonsville titled ‘Sub-line’ in 2022 and VillageOneArt in 2023 named ‘tactical potato.’
His amazing paintings have earned him accolades at galleries in the New York city, United States.
In an interview with Daily Champion, Chukwuemeka Chukwu says he intersects his course of study, architecture and artistry.
His said, “I’ve retained up until this point in my life and career, hobbies like gaming and understanding of car culture and infusing my own Igbo heritage at times intersecting these themes with ambiguity or more legibly.
“In my eyes, art and varying forms of creative expression make spaces warm. The best example I can call on is from my understanding of modern architecture. You have many buildings today that look like they could be designed by computers and built by machines while buildings of gothic architecture have an impression of human touch.
“I decided to just go for it after I was done with my undergrad. I didn’t want to be limited to a specific medium or method of creativity and while I invest most of my studio time in painting I try to dabble in other ways I can be creative be it wood working or automotive arts.”
Speaking on his solo shows, the studio artist said his creative works are more of a language communicating experiences, “how I can apply them and forming an ecosystem of varying forms of creative expression like car journalism, painting, engineering, architecture, gaming and so on. As my interests and experiences grow so do my avenues to explore.
“Each painting becomes super charged with moments that made it come to be as well its influences and deeper study or analysis.
“I capture the experience of gaming, something that’s been vital in my upbringing as a child living in a dangerous part of Lagos city and not much opportunity to go outside and play asides in school. Depicting camos or skins that scream mastery and expertise of both the practice of gaming and the making of visual art,” Chukwuemeka stated.
While Chukwuemeka’s recent solo show which opened April 11th and will close May 11th is ongoing, he seeks further collaborations. His mentors are Derrick Adams, Njideka Akunyili Crosby and Latoya Hobbs.

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