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Obi contributes an additional N50m to support Bishop Shanahan College of Nursing, Nsukka

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.Your financial support has helped us –  Provost


Mr. Peter Obi, the Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party, has made an additional contribution of N50 million to the College of Nursing Sciences at Bishop Shanahan Specialist Hospital in Nsukka, Enugu State. The support aims to support the training of healthcare professionals and the provision of quality healthcare services to the community. It complements Mr. Peter Obi’s previous contribution of N100 million to the institution.


In 2021, Mr. Peter Obi made a noteworthy visit to the hospital, contributing a substantial sum of N100 million. This assistance, as noted by the Institution’s Provost, Rev. Fr. Kevin Ndu, played a pivotal role in the institution’s improvements and securing multiple accreditations from the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria.



On presenting the additional cheque of  50 Million Naira yesterday,  Obi emphasized  the paramount significance of the healthcare sector in any country, Obi clarified that Bishop Shanahan Specialist Hospital holds a central role as the primary healthcare facility in the Enugu North Senatorial District. He affirmed that bolstering this healthcare institution will contribute to enhanced healthcare services for the community.


Obi expressed his gratitude towards the Hospital’s Proprietor, Most Rev. Godfrey Onah, who is also the Catholic Bishop of Nsukka Diocese, as well as the dedicated Management of the Institution. He commended their outstanding efforts in ensuring the hospital’s ongoing mission of training competent healthcare professionals and providing excellent healthcare services to the community. He highlighted the significant role that the Church plays in societal development, emphasizing its contributions in various parts of the nation.


Obi emphasized the importance of government support for the church’s developmental initiatives, particularly in the fields of healthcare and education. Unfortunately, he noted that due to leadership failures in the country, the situation often reverses, with the government imposing taxes on some of these projects. During his tenure as the Governor of Anambra State, he took measures to ensure that no school or hospital affiliated with the church faced taxation. His aim was to provide encouragement and recognition for their significant contributions to societal development.


Obi expressed his gratitude to both past and present administrations of Enugu State for their substantial support in this project. He also extended his appreciation to the dedicated nurses and other healthcare providers, urging them to maintain their unwavering commitment to serving humanity. He emphasized the crucial role they play in the healthcare sector.


Further in his words: “Again, I pledge to continue to contribute to the human development in Nigeria through investment in health and education sectors. This is borne out of my strong desire to contribute to societal development. I am eager to see a better Nigeria and I am ready to build the New Nigeria that will be beneficial to all. By supporting the healthcare facilities and investing aggressively in the health sector, we will give better lives to our people and develop into a better nation. This is our dream for the New Nigeria and we know it is possible.”



Expressing their gratitude for Obi’s financial and moral backing, Most Rev. Godfrey Onah, the Hospital’s Proprietor and Catholic Bishop of Nsukka Diocese, hailed Obi as a steadfast contributor to national development through investments in societal advancement.


“No matter the circumstances, Nigerians recognize your exceptional contributions. We deeply appreciate your visit and your unwavering support. Your generosity is not new to us; two years ago, you visited us and donated N100 million, and we knew it wasn’t your first time. You’ve consistently visited Nsukka, quietly extending your help to remote schools and hospitals without seeking praise. Your actions are driven by a genuine commitment to improving our society, and for that, we are truly grateful,” Onah remarked.

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