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Obasanjo refutes on threatening to break up Nigeria

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Former President Olusegun Obasanjo on Thursday dismissed claims that he would fight to divide Nigeria.He made the remark in response to statement credited to him that if President Muhammadu Buhari rigs the upcoming presidential election, he would divide Nigeria.

Obasanjo said he is a “strong believer in the non-divisibility” of Nigeria because he fought for the unity of Nigeria and “spit part of my blood in the war front.”

A statement signed by Obasanjo’s media aide, Kehinde Akinyemi, explained that the former President, while speaking at a book launch in Abuja, said he could understand “the frustration and feeling of despondency by Nigerians who watch seemingly, helplessly as Nigeria is being destructively and divisively administered.”

The statement reads: “I read a couple of days ago in the social media a statement ascribed to me that if Buhari rigs the election, I will fight to divide Nigeria. Those who know me will know that such a statement will never come from me.

“Melancholic despondency is no option for us at any time. I believe Nigerians will fight back not to divide the country but rather to unite it in democracy and good governance and God, the Creator of Nigeria, will be on the side of such valiant Nigerians to get us out as He has got us out in the past.

“I fought for the unity of Nigeria and I spit part of my blood in the war front. I am a strong believer in non-divisibility of Nigeria, as Nigeria divided diminishes each of us who proudly call ourselves Nigerians.”

He said he was optimistic “and full of hope for a continued democratic Nigeria which will surely be attended with good governance leading to a great, happy, equitable, united, prosperous, secure and wholesome nation.”

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