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Fani-Kayode lists reasons Buhari cannot win another election

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Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, has pointed out reasons Nigerians must vote out President Muhammadu Buhari in the forthcoming presidential election.

Fani-Kayode said Buhari has failed as a leader, hence he should be voted out in the forthcoming election.In an audio statement he released on his Twitter handle, the former Minister described Buhari as a sectional and vindictive leader, who puts his faith ahead of Nigeria.

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, chieftain also highlighted some areas where Buhari has failed.

According to Fani-Kayode: “It’s a tragedy of immeasurable proportions that we have a president who is not fit physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally or morally to continue to lead this country. We have a president who in Warri addressed his party’s governorship candidate as the presidential candidate and when he was reminded that he was the governorship candidate not presidential he addressed him as a senatorial candidate.

“The other day in Lokoja, as he was mounting the podium to address his supporters Buhari slumped and would have fallen had it not been for his aides who held him. The other day in Kaduna, as he was sitting down before his supporters he almost collapsed. We have a president who during a live interview on TV, his Vice who was by his side was his spokesperson and all he could do was in a nonsensical manner of giving answers that had no bearing with the questions asked. As a matter of fact, it was his Vice who laterally held his hands to guide him and answered most of the questions on his behalf. It was so bad that the interviewer had to say to the Vice President ‘why don’t you let the President answer these questions himself.’ That is the type of leader we have today in Nigeria. We have a leader who in all his ways has been vindictive, divisive, cruel and proven to destroy the unity of our nation. A unity which was born out of bitter civil war in which millions of people were killed.

“We have a president who has utmost contempt for other arms of government and seek to remove the Chief Justice of the Federation, sought to remove a Senate President, totally demean the media and sought to bring Nigerians to their knees because he wants to remain in power. We have a President who believes Northern Muslims that do not view the world like him are nothing but slaves and scum and he has no sense of unity. We have a president who believes he’s a Northern Fulani Muslim before being a Nigerian citizen, he puts his tribe and faith before his nation, and he has no sense of unity.

“We have a president that sees nothing wrong in the fact that every single security chief of our country are all Northern Muslims except for one which is the Navy. This is in a multi-racial, multi-religious nation like Nigeria where we have almost two hundred million people and this president believes that it’s important to keep power in the hands of his own people at the exclusion of others.

“May God deliver and protect out great nation and deliver us from this affliction and plague. He has become utterly reprehensible and we can no longer accept him as our leader.

“I urged every single Nigerian to consider the elections coming next month and to understand and appreciate the fact that we need to vote this man out of power if we want Nigeria to survive as one nation, Buhari has to go. If we want Nigeria not to enter into any conflict which will have monumental implication on the whole West African sub-region and indeed the world, Buhari has to go. If we want to ensure that our children have a future in this great nation, Buhari has to go.”

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