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Falana urges NLC to seek justice for slain members

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Civil rights lawyer, Mr. Femi Falana, Tuesday called on the leadership of the Nigeria Labour Congress to seek legal redress for its members who had died during the year’s struggle as this will make the government heed to its regular calls for equity.

Falana made the call while delivering a Goodwill massage on Tuesday at the ongoing delegate conference of the Nigeria Labour congress NLC in Abuja.

According to Falana, the Nigeria labour unions have since long time been at the forefront of engaging leadership on the civil rights of their citizens during the struggles, many of their union members died.

“Many were killed during hunger strike, many collapsed and died while waiting for their pension. Others were slain during protests while some are still nursing injuries inflicted on them during the struggles”.Speaking on the victory over the 30,000. minimum wage negotiation, which has been passes into law by the National Assembly, the civil right lawyer commended the NLC leadership describing it as the architect of the struggle which every Nigerian civil servant should be proud of.

Falana, however, urged the labour union to fight stamp out any political parties being paraded by the bussuals in the next general elections.” I enjoined you to realise your power. And stamp out out all the bussuals parties in the next general elections. And I suggest that this will resuscitate the labour party which bits the brain child of the labour movement all over the world. So let the 2019 be the end of your support to all the bussuals parties”.

He stressed that as a the struggle for the right of citizens is a continue. That State Governors and other politicians should be made to understand the norms when they over step their boundary.The delegate conference which is to last for two days in Abuja, has leadership of the international labour organisation across the world in attendance.

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