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Dr David Elijah mentioned 5 kinds of destiny helpers on tiktok video, point 4 will shock you

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In a world that is perilous and filled with material conscious people, the need to have faith and focus on God becomes imperative and imminent, though the world might be going irreligious, that doesn’t mean that God hasn’t been showing himself or manifesting for people to believe that God is still what He said He is which is Magnificent.


One of the vessel God is using in this generation in the area of a prophetic gift is Apostle Dr David Elijah whose ministry is making waves in the eastern part of Nigeria, in Lagos state and spreading to everywhere part of the world.


He is the pastor incharge of Grace and Power Prophetic Ministry. He had a leading in the spirit to say a prayer through Tiktok on Destiny Helpers. He recently made a video on tiktok talking about 5 kinds of Destiny Helpers, revealing that “Every man’s destiny is connected to another man’s destiny. Whatever a man is looking for in life is in the hand of another man. Until you meet them, you can never actualize your dreams”, he says. 5 points were mentioned but point number 4 will shock you as you watch in the video.



For a better society

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