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Contribute positively to build homes, country, women charged

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Nigerian women have been encouraged to contribute positively in building their homes and by extension the Nigerian society.

Wife of Dr Prophet Timothy Collins, General Overseer of Olive Mountain of Prayer and Praise Ministry International, Mrs. Rosemary Timothy Collins, said this at the annual women convention organised by the Church.

The theme of the convention is “Vessel of Honour” and it is to impart both spiritual and physical empowerment on women to help them build their homes and contribute to the society.

At the convention,  Mrs. Collins, said: “The theme is very important to us because Godly women are vessels of honour, and I want to use this medium to remind Nigerian women that your service at home, church and the society with integrity and respect will make you become vessel of honour.

“Women need to live a holy life, support their husbands in building their homes and ensuring that their marriages and play vital role in nation building because the country needs our contributions as mothers”.

She also encouraged women not to compete with their husbands, saying that because as the man is the head of the family, wives should always pray for them and the country to regain its lost glory.

Expressing sadness at the lingering ASUU strike that has kept the students home without finding a solution, she said:“Government should remember that education of Nigerian children should not be toiled with, knowing that they are the future leaders of tomorrow”.

In   his remarks, the General Overseer of the church, Pastor Collins explained that the programme was an annual event designed to teach women the word of God and nurture them spiritually so that they can understand the importance of God in their lives and how to manage their homes.

He added that the women were also taught handcraft that will help them become self-independence so that their family responsibilities will not only rest on the man. They teach them how to be self-employed in their houses.

He stated that the insecurity in the land, unemployment and the Nigerian economic distress gave room for many youths to go into illicit business.

Quoting the Bible, Pastor Collins said: “When the righteous is on the throne, the people rejoice. The Nigerian problem is leadership. They are not truthful to themselves from the top, so, the country has not been in order.

“We are in a country where voter’s cards are bought. Why will you be buying voter’s card? Why will you be paying people to vote for you?  It is corruption equivalent to yahoo, yahoo. I don’t support yahoo, yahoo, but look at the country today, government is not supporting the youths.

“If you look at the United States, the economy is going down towards production while China’s production is going high because when US produces, theirs is high but when China produces it becomes cheaper because they have more factories and more people are trained. Unlike Nigeria, we don’t have industries, factories and because these things are not there, there is unemployment. So, people are just wandering in the streets especially our youths”.

According to him, incompetency of leadership makes companies to leave Nigeria for other African countries, adding: “Our leaders are not competent enough”.

“Just get to Ghana, Togo, Mali you see stability in everything they do. In their factories, there is constant production, there is price regulation over there, but in Nigeria, there is nothing like that.

“Somebody can rise up today and tell you because of the rise of dollar, he can sell you price he or she likes. Sometimes they do it through their unions, prices of items being influenced and hiked anyhow. Any item that its price goes up can never come down again in Nigeria. There is no price regulation”, Pastor Collins further said.

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