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2023: PDP accuses APC of planning to buy off voters, kicks-off PVC sensitization

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Obiora Ifoh, Abuja
The opposition Peoples Democratic party will on Tuesday kick start a Permanent Voters Card (PVC) road show to sensitize the public on the importance of exercising their civic responsibility nay casting their votes for the party.
In a press conference at the party’s National Headquarters, Abuja the Acting Chairman of the party, Amb. Umar Damagum recounted the hardship Nigerians go through under the present administration. He said that the citizens now have the opportunity to change the narratives by getting their voters cards and casting their votes for the PDP.
According to the Deputy National Chairman North, “most of our youths today are idle. What is the course – bad governance? How do we change that – go get your PVC? Go out there and sensitize people, let them come out enmasse. All these ASUU strikes that we see, unemployment, banditry and what have you are all due to bad governance. How do you change bad governance, it is to use your votes and act now.
“You have to go out there, get people informed, let them come out and get their PVC so that we vote out this senseless government that has no direction.
“If you look at them, they don’t even have the mind to initiate this kind of thing. What they are thinking about is that come 2023, they will come and buy you off and continue to labour you, leave you at home, close down your schools and allow you to enter banditry. It’s up to you now to go out there and get your PVC”.
Adding her voice, National Woman Leader for the party, Prof Stella Effah-Attoe asked the electorate to ignore those who dissuade people from voting under the pretext that votes will not count.
“Your Votes will Count! Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that your votes will not count. Today, we have the Electronic Transmission of Elections Results signed into law. All your Votes will surely Count. Your PVC is your Power to determine your future and the destinies of your family members. Take it seriously and use it wisely. No one should use his own hands to destroy himself.
“No one needs a soothsayer to tell us that bad leadership is responsible for the life threatening challenges we have in Nigeria today”.
She urged Nigerians to turn out massively on the days of elections and vote out bad leadership adding, “If you don’t turn out, then, you have thrown away your Constitutional Power to decide your future destinies”.
Also speaking the National Youth leader of the party Hon. Mohammed Suleman explained that the level of insecurity in the country, closure of the ivory towers, persistent fuel scarcity and lack of electricity supply is imperative that the All Progressives Congress lacks the capacity to turn around the fortunes of the country and be allowed to remain in office.
“The rate of insecurity is alarming and calls for urgent national attention. The Nigerian students have been out of school for over five months, with no solution in sight. The APC led federal government has paid deaf ear to the plight of the Nigerian student, thereby forcing them to roam about the street and become vulnerable to negative tendencies. It is therefore imperative for the Nigerian youth to go out and get their permanent voters card in order to use their vote to unseat the wicked APC led federal government.
“We call on all well-meaning Nigerians to take up their destinies in their hands and activate the office of the citizen by going all out to get their permanent voters” Mohammed said.
To ensure that the message of PVC registration permeates all the nooks and cranny of the county, the road show will commence from PDP Legacy House Abuja today (Tuesday) and go down to the local councils and the states.

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