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Stakeholders tackle minister over leaders, traditional rulers planned courtesy visit to presidency.

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..urges invitees to shun meeting

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The Kogi East Critical Stakeholders ( KECS) has called on the minister of Steel Development, Prince Shuaibu Audu to focus on the task of revertilising Ajaokuta Steel Company rather than serving as a tool to be used in Kogi politics.

KECS also urged the minister to stop dragging the leaders and traditional rulers of the state into political issues againt the primary concern in the state.

The chairman of the forum, Alhaji Sule Iyaji, at a press conference in Abuja Tuesday asked that the purported Courtesy visit being initiated by the Minister of steel development, to the Presidency, be called off immediately in the interest of peace and harmony.

He also urged that the Minister of steel Development should refrain from dragging the revered Elders and traditional rulers into the murky waters of Politics

Iyaji, in the text of the press conference he read at the event further enjoined the minister to desipitate his energy in delivering on the mandate given to him by the President and leave kogi politics alone.

The KECS chairman maintained: “That the honorable minister of Steel Development should note that he was in the cabinet when the 2024 budget was being planned and put together, hence if he was aware of the infrastructural gaps in Kogi east, he would have made the case for inclusive development of our infrastructure then, rather than “put out his buckets when the rain is over”. The budget is already passed and being implemented.

“That the Honorable minister should refrain from being used to undermine our collective mandate freely given to Alhaji Murtala Yakubu Ajaka and stop being a spoiler at all cost or else, he should be prepared for the consequences of his actions.

“That it is regrettable that the Honorable Minister for steel development has abandoned the onerous task of revitalizing our steel industry to pursue innuendos and running errands for treasury looters and vote thieves in the person of Former Governor Bello and the usurper, Usman Ododo.

“That all leaders, elders and traditional rulers being contacted to embark on the ill-fated “courtesy visits” should shun all entreaties from the Minister of steel development and remain focused on providing leadership to our teaming people in their areas of influence.

“They should realize that their various experiences are not for sale, and they should not allow lesser mortals manipulate them into ’embarking on naked dancing in the market Square to the drumbeats of the drunk gods. .

“That the Kogi East critical stakeholders have faith in our judiciary and the ongoing Kogi state governorship election tribunal to right the wrongs in our electoral systems.

“That the Honorable Minister of steel development, being former Director General of Ododo campaign organization, has not gotten over the resounding defeat he suffered in the entire Kogi East and Kogi state as a whole, is bent on subverting justice by his abrasive recruitment of our elders and traditional rulers to arm twists the president to torpedo the judicial process.

“That merely holding a ministerial position in the government does not confer any political leadership of Kogi East on Shuaibu Audu, and he should not parade himself as leader of the people of Kogi East where he did not have sufficient influence to mobilize victory for his party even in his polling unit at the last election. Any representation to Mr. President by any group without Alhaji Murtala Yakubu Ajaka who has a demonstrated overwhelming support and followership of the people of Kogi East is a fraud and of no effect.

“That the Presidency should please note that the people of Kogi East will never allow electoral fraud enablers to represent her in any courtesy visit to Mr. President, and that, at the appropriate time, the people’s authentic leaders, including Alhaji Murtala Yakubu Ajaka will lead the representatives of our people to thank Mr. President for all he is doing to reposition the country economically.

“That all those being arranged by the Honorable Minister of steel development to embark on the courtesy visit to the presidency , should recuse themselves in their own interest or be prepared to face the wrath of the people”.

He furthe stated: “That the Honourable minister should know that he has done enough damage to the people of Kogi east since his surprised appointment as Honorable minister and should refrain from further damaging our collective resolve to reclaim our stolen mandate, failing which, the people will vehemently resist him this time around. That despite his antecedents, we wish him well in his assignment.

“That our traditional rulers should note that as custodians of our ancient and time tested traditions, that dates back to the 13th century, they do not derive their legitimacy from anybody but from God in Heaven and the people whom they rule over. That they know more than anyone else the consequences of not being with their people at all times and or taking anti people’s order from desperate politicians and pretenders.

“That the youths and the general public are advised to be law abiding and shun all acts of violence in the face of this provocation but to remain on guards to ensure that our people are not unnecessarily harassed and or intimidated by desperate politicians to do their biddings.

“That the Federal Government should intervene in the looming crisis in Okene LGA where properties of SDP witnesses are being set ablaze by Thugs loyal to former Governor Yahaya Bello and Governor Ododo. This witness harassment is injurious to the ongoing trial at Kogi election petition Tribunal and capable of subverting the cause of justice”.

The forum chairman however, said “our love and prayers are with the victims. They should be rest assured that all that they have lost, shall be replaced as soon as we take over the governance of the state”.

On the activities of the former governor of the state, the chairman said “That the EFCC should live up to their Billings by urgently bringing former Governor Bello and other Kogi treasury looters to justice and free Kogi from his antics.

“That Former Governor and his wife that had been declared wanted by the agency, are holed up in Kogi Government house interfering in the day to day running of the administration of Governor Ododo as though he is on his third term.

“That Governor Ododo should relocate back to Government house, Lokoja and take over the affairs of the state. That his continuous stay in Abuja since he took over the affair of the state amount to abdication of responsibilities. That we are aware of all his activities at Abuja where he is using the state funds to cajole people to buy justice for himself and Yahaya Bello.

“That we stand solidly on the mandate freely given to Alhaji Murtala Yakubu Ajaka during the last November 11, 2023 governorship election and support his quest to reclaim his stolen mandate through the constitutional legal means.

“That we do not see anything wrong in a courtesy visit, but we have every reason to resist the courtesy visit because of the wrong motives behind the visit.

“We call on the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to impress on the Inspector General of Police to stand up to his responsibilities by investigating, arresting and prosecuting Police Officers who deliberately abused the rules of the police and the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Mr. Bethrand Onuoha is not immuned from trial. He can not continue to wear police uniform and be terrorizing the people of Kogi State instead of saving lives and properties.

“We therefore, once again request for his trial and transfer from Kogi State”.


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