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Saturday Polls: Anambra govt uncovers plans to cause crisis by unscrupulous politicians

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The Anambra State government on Thursday said she has uncovered an alleged attempt by some unscrupulous politicians to cause a far-reaching crisis in Anambra State during Saturday’s House of Assembly election.

A statement by the Commissioner of Information and Public Enlightenment, Mr C Don Adinuba, said unscrupulous politicians, operating under the aegis of the Coalition for Better Anambra State, led by one Dennis Egwuonu was ostensibly trying to cause a severe religious and ethnic crisis in the state.

He said the crisis was aimed at pitching Muslims and Christians as well as the Igala-speaking community of Anambra State in a bitter fight with the Fulanis.

Adinuba observed that the secret plan of the group according to sources which has been known to security agencies, is to incite Anambra people by alleging on the eve of the election that the state government is building a huge mosque in the heart of Awka, the Anambra State capital.

The second alleged plan is to accuse Fulani cattle herders of killing hundreds of farmers in Anambra West Local Government Area and even sucking their blood as part of a ritual.

The statement reads in part: “The allegations by the group are patently false, as the state government is not in the business of building places of worship, whether churches or mosques.

“The primary intention of the so-called Coalition for (a) Better Anambra State is to cause fear and bitterness among the people which will be manipulated to achieve electoral gains, it is evident that the group is endangering the lives of millions of Igbo people living in different parts of the country.

“Ndigbo live in places other than their regions of origin more than any other ethnic group in the country. They work in these places as successful entrepreneurs and professionals; millions are students. When manipulative politicians carry out hate propaganda against other people living in Igboland which can lead to a grave crisis, they do not seem to recognise that Igbo people outside Igboland are vulnerable.

“These unscrupulous politicians are obviously setting up millions of our people living outside Igboland for all manner of attacks. These unscrupulous elements, manipulated by politicians who made their fortune often outside Igboland without harassment, tend to give the impression that Ndigbo are not capable of peaceful co-existence.”

The commissioner noted that negative impression is wrong insisting that Igbo are known to be accommodating, which is a critical requirement for economic and social transformation.

He added, “The Anambra State Government advises Anambra people to always disregard dangerous rumours by self-serving politicians whose stock in trade is the manipulation of primordial differences to achieve immediate electoral gains but which will end up leaving our people worse off.

“Anambra people are, like the rest of other Igbo people, great believers in the philosophy of Live and Let Live. We will continue to uphold this philosophy because it is the basis of a stable society and it has always served our people well.”

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