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Purported Biafran referendum a scam, says IPOB

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Phil Okose, Onitsha

Indigenous People of Biafra,(IPOB), warned Sunday that the purported secret referendum by faceless elements who operate from Igboland and in Finland was a scam that should be ignored.

Sounding the note of warning through her image maker, Emma Powerful, the movement reiterated that for public records, there is nothing like Biafra Referendum at this moment and advised the people not to  fall into the Nigeria Government’s traps.

“IPOB is the only movement leading the call for the referendum for Biafrans in Nigeria. Referendums are not conducted in the secret like the criminals are currently doing. These infiltrator criminals and their nincompoop leader called Criminal buffoon in Finland want to reduce Biafra’s struggle to an entertainment show.

“Biafrans must ignore the ignoramus with all his antics to make the people believe that he is doing something after IPOB leadership has crippled his channels of scamming Biafrans.


“Referendum, according to the United Nations, is a direct vote by the electorate on a political issue such as Biafra Self- Determination. If Biafrans are to hold a referendum, IPOB leadership will announce it publicly via radio Biafra and in all Biafrans’ social media handles.

“Even the Nigerian and international media agencies will announce such an epic event, also. The Biafra Referendum date and the criteria will be announced, scheduled, and organized within the framework of UN laws and African Charter.

“A referendum is an open and transparent political process that will involve the observation and supervision of the international community. It’s not an Umunna night meeting like some  idiots are conducting by themselves in the name of Biafra Referendum. If the idiots visit any family in the night to vote for the referendum, Biafrans should ignore them.  Biafrans should avoid giving their personal information to the criminal-led criminal agents to avoid “had I known”.

“We gathered that the agent provocateurs sent messages to some Traditional Rulers and Town Union Presidents to gather their people for a Biafra referendum. Please do not listen or gather anywhere for any referendum. These infiltrators are working for the Nigeria government to repeat the Asaba massacre of 1969 during the genocidal war against Ndigbo. This purported referendum news  in Biafra Land is the handiwork of criminals and infiltrators to harm our people,’ it affirmed.

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