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Minster of Police Affairs Sen. Gaidam back Brazilian candidacy for Interpol General Secretary

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The Honourable Minister of Police Affairs, Senator Ibrahim Gaidam has expressed Nigeria’s full support for Mr. Valdecy Urquiza’s candidacy for the position of Interpol Secretary General and called upon all our esteemed partners and allies to join hands in endorsing his candidacy.


He stated this in  a release issued by the Deputy Director of Press Mr Bolaji Kazeem during the visit of the INTERPOL team led by its Vice President Mr. Valdency Urquiza to the Headquarters of the Ministry of Police Affairs in Abuja.


The Minister pointed out that Mr. Valdecy Urquiza’s candidacy represents a new chapter in Interpol  leadership, and believes that his experience and dedication make him a strong candidate for the position of Secretary General.


In his words, “We are committed to working closely with Brazil to ensure a fair and transparent election process that upholds the principles of democracy and accountability. I am confident that his leadership skills, expertise, and dedication to the cause of international security will make him an outstanding choice for this crucial role”.


Gaidam added that “Nigeria and Brazil share a history of collaboration and friendship that spans decades. Our two nations have worked together on various fronts, including economic development, cultural exchange, and most importantly, in the realm of law enforcement and security. Nigeria and Brazil have worked closely together on issues such as counterterrorism, transnational crime, and cybersecurity. One notable example of our partnership is the joint efforts in combating drug trafficking through intelligence sharing and coordinated operations”. He stressed.



The Minister opined that Interpol plays a crucial role in ensuring global peace and security by facilitating international police cooperation and coordination. The organization’s work in combating transnational crime, terrorism, and organized crime is essential for maintaining a safe and secure world for all nations.


According to him, “We recognize the importance of a strong and effective Interpol leadership in addressing the complex security challenges of the 21st century and Nigeria has made significant contributions to Interpol, including producing the Interpol Vice President for Africa in the person of  AIG Garba Baba Umar, (Rtd).


He affirmed that Interpol, as the world’s largest international police organization, can assist Nigerian law enforcement agencies to enhance their capacity to tackle transnational crime effectively through the exchange of critical intelligence, provide training and technical assistance, and support joint operations to target criminal networks operating across borders.


Earlier, the Vice President (INTERPOL)  Mr. Valdecy Urquiza requested the support of Nigeria for the position of the Interpol General Secretary to enable him to effect a reform for the betterment of the member countries which Brazil’s candidacy will bring forth into the Interpol.


According to him, this is the first time of having the possibility of Secretary General from a developing nation. A nation that can bring diversity and neutrality to the organization. I am here to ask for support for my candidacy and if I succeed, we lead Interpol together.


Our vision for the future of the organization is the organization that can better support member countries and we are going to prioritize the needs of the members rather than focusing on a few members.


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