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Massive 25% discount! Sujimoto shocks Luxury Real Estate investors with October 1st Independence Biggest Giveaway

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Amidst Nigeria’s gloomy economic tides and the relentless rise in inflation that has bitten through the pockets of the common man, there is a ray of hope and an uncommon opportunity for the few investors who, in the next 2 years, will have witnessed over 220 percent ROI on their Leonardo Property.


Sujimoto Group, Nigeria’s fastest-growing luxury real estate powerhouse, has swung open its window of opportunity for only thirty days, allowing sharp investors and prospective luxury home buyers to acquire units of the fully automated LeonardoBySujimoto apartments at low entry prices.


Set to break ground in the next 2 months, the iconic 150-metre-tall waterfront project, located in the stunning vistas of Banana Island (Nigeria’s most expensive square metre), will set the record as The Tallest Residential Building in Nigeria; the first building in Nigeria with an expansive fully-automated interactive lobby; the first residential building with a standard Private IMAX cinema; a creche and kiddies arcade room; and a full home automation system where you can control your door, curtain, music, light, and TV from the touch of a button.

Also, Sujimoto is currently in talks with Fendi Interior, ready to OFFEND every level of mediocrity in architecture with Leonardo.


Defined by its exclusivity, meticulous attention to detail, and unparalleled quality, the Leonardo project signals a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a Sujimoto property, either to live in it while in Lagos or put it on Sujimoto Residences Airbnb-style fully managed luxury short-let service that guarantees an estimated $50,000–$200,000 per annum.


Prospective home buyers or investors who might have initially considered luxury properties beyond their budget now have the chance to seize their dream of acquiring a waterfront property at a more accessible price point.

As a gift of independence for those who are quick to claim this off-plan offer at the lowest entry price of $500k, less than a week into the announcement of the 25% price markdown by Sujimoto Group, the initial 8 units of 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments in the pool of the discount now stand at only 3 units left.


A mouthwatering opportunity and the next sweetest offer compared to the Nigerian smokey Jollof prepared on hot firewood, the Leonardo project, like a raging bull, is positioned to hit new highs and more than double in value when fully completed in the next 2 years.


Aside from the fact that Banana Island has the highest property appreciation rate in Nigeria, the affluent neighbourhood in recent times has been described by Forbes Africa as the 2nd safest place in Nigeria, second only to Aso Rock Presidential Villa, home to billionaires and business tycoons like Abdul Samad Rabiu, Sayyu Dantata, and Mike Adenuga, amongst a host of other managing directors of multinationals as well as ambassadors.

Dr. Olasijibomi Ogundele, GMD Sujimoto Group, said during the 25% price off announcement at the company’s Lagos headquarters: “We are discounting the prices of the Leonardo for just 30 days to ensure everyone seizes this period to Key into this once in a lifetime opportunity and become a Banana Island landlord or landlady before this window closes by October 1st.


First, it was ‘GiulianoBySujimoto’ followed immediately by ‘LucreziaBySujimoto’, both of which sold out before completion. Now, The Leonardo serves as a commitment to the teeming customers who wish to have the luxury of owning a unit of Sujimoto’s iconic apartments that offer unparalleled amenities, breathtaking views, and a sweet taste of extreme opulence served through exquisite craftsmanship.


Investors who bought the Lucrezia off-plan for approximately $850k are today selling it for $3 million in less than two and a half years. This is the reason why the Sujimoto brand has consistently positioned itself to create value for customers, helping them find ways to turn their $1 into $3.


The Leonardo project has also given opportunity to people who desire a New York-style loft 1-bedroom apartment in Nigeria. The 1 bed you’ll find in New York is less than 50 sq. m, but the 1 bedroom in Leonardo measures up to 140 sq. m, combining almost triple the size of the standard bedrooms in the Big Apple.


The LeonardoBySujimoto also offers 1, 2, 3, and 4-bedroom apartments, as well as 5-bedroom penthouses, all at a limited-time discount for uncommon investors who want to take advantage of an off-plan investment opportunity. Following a series of findings, the nicest and most expensive 3-bedroom apartments on Ikoyi Road and V.I. are selling for $2 million to $4.5 million. The design of the Leonardo is three times better and two times more affordable! The 3-bedroom home you are acquiring for $1 million at the Leonardo will be sold for $1.5 million during construction and $2.5 million upon completion, giving you over a 220% ROI in 2 years.


The prestigious Leonardo penthouse stands out in the market, commanding attention and admiration from discerning homebuyers for its unique features and facilities such as the limited-edition sanitary ware by Zaha Hadid Sanitary wares (which has ever been used by only 3 developers in Africa), fully fitted European Standard kitchen, 3-metre floor-to-ceiling doors, Duravit’s by Phillip Stark, award-winning sanitary ware, Simone Saragoni’s Technogym Olympic-sized temperature-regulated swimming pool, a mini-mart, mini-clinic, hair salons, creche, and an interactive lobby of 5-star hotel standard, amongst others.


All these offerings come with a flexible payment plan that spreads within 30 months and generates instant income on pre-leased units upon completion. By taking advantage of a discount, buyers can secure a property that perfectly embodies their desired lifestyle, complete with the lavish features and finishes that epitomise luxury living.


“The 25% discount is valid until October 1st, a symbol of independence and our patriotic contribution to such an occasion. These offers are subject to Sujimoto Properties’ terms and conditions”, Dr. Ogundele added.


Dr. Olasijibomi Ogundele, the Managing Director of Sujimoto Group, is recognised as the Czar of Luxury Real Estate Development and the mastermind behind renowned projects such as the Giuliano, LucreziaBySujimoto, Sujimoto Twin Tower (the tallest twin towers in Africa), Queen Amina by Sujimoto (a monument to royal affluence), LeonardoBySujimoto (a magnificent high-rise), S-Hotel (Nigeria’s unique hospitality address), Ìlú Titun (Nigeria’s No. 1 most affordable luxury housing), and GiovanniBySujimoto (Africa’s most exclusive waterfront townhouses). Some of these have etched an indelible imprint on Nigeria’s skylines, a testament to their unrivalled mastery of modern-day engineering.


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