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First Lady Oluremi Tinubu joins global efforts to raise awareness of autism, celebrates World Autism Awareness Day

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The World Autism Awareness Day is an annual observance that takes place on April 2nd. The day aims to raise awareness of autism and promote the inclusion and acceptance of people with autism.


The UN has announced that the theme for the 2024 celebration will be “Diverse perspectives: From exclusion to inclusion.” This theme will focus on the importance of understanding and accepting the unique perspectives of people with autism, and promoting their full inclusion in society.


The first lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria joined the world at large to celebrate world autism day, she said,

“As we mark World Autism Awareness Day, I celebrate the unique strengths and creativity of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)”.

The journey for families with loved ones who are autistic can be challenging.


“Today, I salute and celebrate their unwavering love and dedication. I also recognize the crucial role of community organizations in providing support, resources, and opportunities for individuals with Autism and their families.”

“Early diagnosis and intervention are crucial to ensure individuals with Autism, reach their full potential.  I urge parents and caregivers to be attentive to developmental milestones and seek professional help if any concerns arise.”

“Together we can create a world where individuals irrespective of who they are and whatever challenges they face in life,  are empowered, included, and celebrated for their unique gifts she said.

God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.



For a better society


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