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“Bishop Paul N. Vincent’s Epic Odyssey: Illuminating the Path from Faith to Transformational Influence – A Saga of unyielding resolve , benevolence”

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In an exclusive interview conducted by Emmanuel Clement, we embark on an illuminating exploration of the remarkable life and visionary leadership of Bishop Paul N. Vincent.

As the driving force behind Persistence Works TV Network (PWTN) and Vincent Paul Ministries Int’l, Bishop Vincent’s journey from personal transformation to global impact is an inspiring testament to faith, resilience, and unwavering commitment to service.


Can we have meet you sir?


I am Bishop Paul N. Vincent, a leader with a diverse portfolio including roles as President/CEO of Persistence Works TV Network (PWTN), Publisher of Persistence Works Magazine, and head of Vincent Paul Ministries Int’l. Based in El Paso, Texas, my journey encompasses various spheres of influence, from media to ministry, all fueled by a profound commitment to service.


How did your journey of faith begin, and what prompted your salvation?

My salvation journey was catalyzed by a family tragedy in 1982, ultimately leading me to embrace Christ in 1985 during a powerful revival service. This transformative encounter set the course for my lifelong commitment to faith and service.


Since you gave your life to Christ, have you ever thought of backsliding from the faith?


No I haven’t. Although many people within my extended family at that time didn’t think I would go all the way. They thought I would soon backslide since I was so young (I was 11 years old when I started attending the church, but was 13 when I made a firm & final decision to give my life and to follow Christ all the way). So they felt by the time the “pleasures of life” begin presenting themselves to me, that I’d backslide. But God’s Faithfulness has proved them all wrong! I’m still here by the Grace of God, still following Christ after almost 40 years now! Praise God!


Before embarking on ministry, what endeavors did you pursue?


Prior to diving into full-time ministry, I embarked on a journey of learning and service. From pioneering ministry works in Nigeria to serving as an Army Chaplain in the U.S., my path has been marked by a pursuit of knowledge, leadership, and social impact.


What is the overarching vision and mandate of your ministry?


The Vision and mandate of our ministry are:

*To liberate those oppressed by the devil and draw such into the Kingdom Of God by the preaching of the Gospel.

*To Minister healing to the sick: physically, emotionally & spiritually.

*To effectively communicate Christ to our society and the world.

*To preach and teach the word in order to build, develop & mature the Body Of Christ.

*Maximizing the media to propagate the Gospel through: Publications, Television, Social Media, Crusades, Conferences & Charity.


Have you ever experienced regret as a minister of God?


Well, we all are constantly growing and learning. The most important thing in life is not that you made mistakes, it’s that you’re able to quickly learn from it, grow and move on beyond it. So yes there were few choices or actions that one might have wished could have been done differently or so, but it’s all part of the learning curves in life. But what I don’t ever regret at any time is: Giving my life to Christ at an early age; answering the Call of God at an early age; getting married to my wife; serving in the US military and other such key choices in life; I don’t regret any of them.

How do you handle critics?


If they are constructive criticism, people that want you to do well or better and offer criticism in a way to help you do better and be better: I thank them, accept & evaluate the criticism; If I need to do something different or change something or so, wisdom demands that you do whatever that will help you become a better version of your tomorrow than you were today. But, if they are destructive criticism, people who just want to tear you down and don’t care about you or what you are doing: then I just ignore them, keep doing what am doing. But in some cases, your critics today may become your cheerleaders and fans tomorrow, so I try not to take most criticism so personal. Of course everyone won’t like you, love you or appreciate what you’re doing. So be at peace with that fact of life too!


Should Christians actively engage in politics?


Absolutely. Christians have a vital role to play in shaping the political landscape, bringing principles of integrity, justice, and compassion to governance. As stewards of society, our engagement in politics is both a responsibility and an opportunity to effect positive change.


What’s your perspective on the current political climate?


The current political climate underscores the urgency of our times, with global upheavals and conflicts signaling the need for steadfast leadership and spiritual discernment. As we navigate these turbulent waters, it’s imperative to uphold values of righteousness and perseverance.


What do you think is the solution to the ravaging insecurities in the country?


Bottom Line is that Nigeria needs to be restructured, period! All the issues the nation is facing or dealing with, (more especially insecurity) are only the symptoms, the root cause of Nigeria’s problem is foundational and structural. When you keep forcing strange bed mates to live together and they don’t want to, you’ve set the stage for whatever you get. If you are sick and you go to the hospital, a good doctor won’t just treat your symptoms, they’ll try to get to the root of the problem why you are having those symptoms, which is why they ask you to go do scan, MRI, various tests, etc; so that they can identify the root cause of the sickness and treat it from there, because if you get the root cause taken care of, the symptoms will easily be treated or taken care of. So most of what Nigeria’s political leadership have been doing over the past 63 years plus, since her independence, is treating the symptoms and hoping to cure the sickness. No it doesn’t work that way. To treat the root cause of Nigeria’s problem will require restructuring the country. Again, due to the failed structure, there are people who are benefiting from it the way it is now (even with all the insecurity) that will want things to remain the way they are now, as long as they are benefiting, they don’t care. Which is also part of the problem, people or politicians want what benefits them & not what’s best for everyone.


So when you restructure, then every region can develop at their pace, maximize their full potential, including potential for economic growth and industrialization, solve their problems in the context of what works for them and most of the criminal elements will either change and be engaged in something more productive or will have to face the full weight of the laws. Again even in being able to restructure, it’ll take a leadership that is visionary and selfless. And the question is, does Nigeria have such leaders now, I doubt it! But I pray am proven wrong!

Where do you envision your ministry in the next 5 years?


Looking ahead, I envision our ministry expanding its reach and impact across diverse platforms. From a thriving TV network and publication to impactful community initiatives, our goal is to touch lives and transform communities on a global scale.


What message do you have for those who thought there is no hope from political leaders in the country?


Actually, is there any hope from political leaders in the country? I doubt it! But in any case, I pray that the political leaders will at least for once, try to prove people wrong by doing the right things & putting policies in place that’ll benefit the people and that’ll move the nation forward. That they’ll serve selflessly and not be about themselves. And I pray that God will one day bless this nation with the right crop of selfless leaders who will be willing to go to any lengths to serve their people and improve their quality of life.


What has life taught you over the years?


Life has thought me that: PERSISTENCE WORKS! Whatever you do in life; Don’t Give Up! Don’t throw in the towel because IF you keep Persisting in the face of adversity, danger, failure, set back, criticism or persecution, soon your persistence will work for you, because I am a proof that PERSISTENCE WORKS!


Another thing that life taught me was when I completely went blind in my left eye for almost a year due to cataract. But I eventually had surgery to remove the cataract and regained my sight. That experience taught me how priceless being able to SEE could be. And I thought within myself, that had it been I didn’t have the means or finances to do the eye surgery, I would have remained completely blind in that eye. So that birthed a new project: Cataract Medical Mission, as part of our Persistence Works Charity Project. So now we help people who have cataract or now blind and don’t have the means to pay for the surgery, we help them to pay for cataract surgery or even for glaucoma surgery. And we’ve helped a couple of people so far and hope to do it on a more larger scale soon. So giving back when God has blessed you or shown you mercy is one thing life and God’s Word has taught me.


“Bishop Paul N. Vincent’s journey exemplifies the power of faith, resilience, and visionary leadership. His unwavering dedication to service continues to inspire and uplift countless individuals worldwide.”


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