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15-Year-Old Stalled Project Revived: Tinubu Commends Wike’s Team for Tireless Efforts

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Favour Ishember, Abuja

President Bola Tinubu inaugurated a critical engineering structure in the Wuye District of the Federal Capital Territory, praising the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Barr. Nyesom Wike, and his team for their tireless efforts in delivering the project.

The President noted that the project, which was initially awarded in 2009, had been stalled for 15 years, causing hardship for residents and businesses in the area.

He commended Wike for his determination to complete the project, which is a vital interchange that will improve traffic flow and reduce casualties in the area.

In the words of the President:”for all of us and for the country as a whole. The completion of this facility will bring security of live close to our people, making the people central focus of our development and that is the way democracy should work”

Our determination to succeed and extend happiness is on the teaming population, bring about prosperity and value of immense proportions to our people. is the goal of the government”

And thank you for making a dream realizable. It is my great honour and singular privilege to declare this project inaugurated.

“Once again, I commend the entire team of FCT. Whatever anybody may say, it should be that Nigeria definitely make progress and the prosperity, the hope, the achievement is in our hands.We will build a nation where no one is excluded”

Wike, in his remarks, thanked the President for his support and praised the contractors for their work. He noted that the project would not have been possible if the FCT had not been removed from the Treasury Single Account (TSA).

He also commended the chairmen of the committees and area councils for their support.

According to the Minister:”Infact residents of this district had lost hope. Anybody who is familiar with this terrain will definitely appreciate what you have done. This job was awarded 2009, about 15 years thereabout at the cost of 34 billion Naira. But before you came in, in May 29,it was revised to 74 billion. So you can imagine for 15 years we were struggling just to construct one interchange. You can imagine the hardship the people here had face”

“The business activities, of course will crumble. But to the Golry of God and with your determination, you have said that your mission is to bring back hope that has been lost. So people of this area will always appreciate you and thank you for this interchange”

It is not about how many kilometers it covers, it is about the importance of the interchange and I want to sincerely thank you”

“I and the honorable minister of state are very happy to be part of this your renewed hope mantra, that is contributing and today Nigerians can see that, really when you say something, it comes to reality”

I also thank the two chairmen of the two committees. I will say that we are very lucky in the FCT. These chairmen and that of the Area councils and auxiliary matters, have given us all the necessary support that we required. They’ve never in anyway interfered in what we are doing.

” I have been hearing stories of some ministers complained about chairmen of their committees, my own is different because we are working like brothers and sisters. We visit each other and so we don’t problems when it concerns implementing what we want to do”

“Mr President I want to say that, removing us out of the TSA has made it very very possible for all these achievements. All these projects wouldn’t have been possible if you didn’t pull us out of the TSA. I told people that you see governance as business, it is taken very very serious because nobody will want to set up a business and see it run down.

“That is why when I came to you say that we cannot implement most of these projects without pulling us out of the TSA, you said if that is what it takes to Nigerians that Renewed Hope then go ahead. Today we are happy”

On his part, the Executive Secretary of the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA), Engr. Ahmed Hadi, explained that the project is part of the transportation master plan for the Federal Capital City and will reduce hazardous situations and improve traffic flow.

He noted that the Wuye district is a residential area that was designed to have underground engineering infrastructure facilities, including storm and foul sewer, water supply, power supply, and telecommunication facilities.

The President declared the project inaugurated, praising the team for their hard work and dedication. He noted that the project is a testament to the government’s commitment to delivering on its promises and improving the quality of life for residents of the Federal Capital Territory.

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