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Wike’s Scorecard: 8 Months of Impactful Leadership under President Tinubu’s Renewed Hope Agenda

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FAVOUR ISHEMBER, in this report showcases the remarkable transformation and revitalized hope that is reinvigorating the core of Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja. thanks to tangible progress and a renewed sense of optimism that is palpable throughout the city.

From infrastructure development to social and economic growth, Abuja is experiencing a rebirth that is reshaping its very fabric. The city’s revitalization is evident in its modernized transportation systems, revamped public spaces, and innovative initiatives that are fostering a culture of inclusivity and progress.

Excerpt –

In the past eight months, Barr. Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), has made significant strides in transforming the nation’s capital under President Tinubu’s Renewed Hope Agenda. With a focus on inclusivity, security, infrastructure development, and sustainability, Wike has demonstrated his commitment to improving the lives of FCT residents.

Inclusivity and Women Empowerment:

Wike has prioritized inclusivity, ensuring that all residents have a voice in the governance of the FCT. Notably, he established the Women Secretariat, a first in the history of the FCT, to empower women and address their unique challenges. This milestone demonstrates the administration’s dedication to gender equality and women’s participation in decision-making processes.

In the words of Barr. Wike:”Part of the priorities of Mr. President is that, there is provision for inclusivity. Before now, In FCT, there was no provision for the Women Secretariat. Women where left alone but under this administration, as part of Inclusivity, they said the women Secretariat must be established and that is why today we have the Mandate secretary of the Women Secretariat which has never happened before”

On Security and Community Engagement-

To tackle insecurity, Wike engaged with residents in the six Area Councils, listening to their concerns and identifying solutions. He recognized that security is a collective responsibility and provided necessary logistics to security agencies. The administration has also commissioned over 120km of roads in the Area Councils, enhancing access and reducing the risk of bandit attacks.

According to Wike “In order to tackle security and obtain the trust of the people, we went round the Six Area Councils and had interactions with the people because we know that government alone cannot fight insecurity.

The people also have a role to play and that is by providing us with the intelligence. The people agreed with us but they said we have peculiar problems, the bandit attacks we have been facing is caused by lack of roads.

When they attack, security agencies have no access. They identified the roads in which they felt was necessary and as I said since this is what you feel you need, go home and sleep, it will be done. As I speIk to you now, all the Area councils can attest the fact that before the December this year, we are going to commission not less than 120Km of roads in these six area councils.

This is the first time the minister can go to the area council, sit down with the people, talk with them and let them know what the government is doing”

“We have been able to provide security agencies with all required logistics. This is my first time knowing that they are specialized bikes needed, and this government was able to provide allo those specialized bikes.

Before even for security men to have their money, if they want to go for operation, it takes about 2 to 3 weeks before the money is released. But now, the moment they want to go for operation the money is made available. We have provided all that they need and you can now sleep with your two eyes closed.

What used to be in Abuja before, is not what it is now. We cannot say that we have gotten it right 100 percent because no society is free of crime but the question gets to be, are they any difference since we came on board? Certainly Yes. You can attest to the fact that it is no longer what it used to be. This government is doing everything humanly possible to see that we reduce the level of insecurity”

Part of the measures we have also taken to curb the one-chance robbery, is to build 3 terminals for FCT, so that one can enter identified cars and buses. We know that certainly building these terminals will reduce the levwl of kidnapping and and one chance or as the case may be. By the grace of God in the next 8 months this city will 3 bus and taxi terminals and must operate from those terminals

In the area of Infrastructure Development

One of Wike’s notable achievements is the rapid infrastructure development in the FCT. He has prioritized road construction, maintenance, and rehabilitation, connecting rural areas and improving connectivity. The expansion of the Outer Northern Expressway and rural road network has reduced travel times and fostered economic growth. This focus on infrastructure has also created jobs and stimulated local economies.

Wike has made significant investments in infrastructure, including the completion of access roads to the Abuja Light Rail stations, enabling commercial operations to commence. He has also initiated the construction of three bus and taxi terminals to reduce kidnapping and one-chance robbery. Furthermore, his administration has introduced measures to prevent vandalism and ensure the sustainability of projects, such as using materials with no economic value for manhole covers and embedding FCTA’s name on facilities.

Urban Renewal –

Wike’s urban renewal initiatives have revitalized Abuja’s cityscape. The Abuja Metro Line has been overhauled, making public transport viable again. Beautification projects, including modern streetlights and green spaces, have restored the city’s charm. The near completion of the Vice President’s residence exemplifies Wike’s commitment to high standards in public infrastructure, with advanced security features and sustainable design.

Wike explained better “On Abuja Light Rail, so many have said that it was commissioned before. We are not talking about commissiong of building, we are talking about commissioning the commercial operations. There was no access roads to all the stations, how do you use it?.

All those unavailability of those access roads hindered the operation of the metro line. Remember in September last year, the President said he wants to ride on the metro line and to the Glory of God, on Monday 27th of this month, Mr. President will ride on that metro line. Now, all the access roads have been done with their car parks.

The last administration awarded 128 million dollars for 29months for the CCECC to train our people for the operations of that metro line. When I came on board I said we cannot do that and as I speak to you, we have reduced that to 75million dollars, saving the government 53 million dollars.

“So those of you saying that it was commissioned before, make no mistake what was commissioned was the building and we are not commissioning building. We are commissioning commercial operations.

“From Tuesday, 28th of this month, everybody can go and take a ride for themselves. We are going to allow for rides for two months and you know Mr. President can even say it should be extended to six months just to reduce the pains of the people. This is the Renewed Hope Agenda. When you say something, you do it.

By this time next year, you can tell any city in the world, we can compete with you in terms of road network”

Affordable Housing and Revenue Collection –

To address the housing deficit, Wike plans to build Renewed Hope City, comprising 10,000 affordable houses for low-income earners. He has also tackled harassment by touts during revenue collection, establishing a committee with AMAC to ensure decency and reduce double taxation.

In the words of the FCT Minister:”We have called and sat down with AMAC. We told them that the only way we can have decency, we have to form a committee where the revenue comes to FCT and you collect your share. In that way, touting and harassment would be reduced, also double taxation and they have agreed. I said after all, the law allows you to take 10 percent of FCT’s IGR, so why are you afraid?

Speaking on sustainability of projects- Take the man holes for example, criminals go and remove them. So we’ve brought out another strategy now, wherby the man holes will no longer be attractive to them. They are being made with materials which has been tested to have all the characteristics of its strains and drainability without no economic value. We are also introducing locks along with it, so that they cannot be easily picked and we also embedding the FCTA name on the facilities unlike it used to be before, with economic value and easy to pick up.

On providing affordable housing,
In our next budget, we want to build Renewed Hope City. This will be affordable houses and not for the big men. We are going about 10,000 houses and I know that Mr. President will approve that we allocate it to people who cannot afford to build. We are going to provide infrastructure and then build for them.

Healthcare –

Wike has launched significant health sector reforms, improving healthcare quality, expanding access, and enhancing infrastructure in urban and rural areas. Renovations, expansions, and new health facilities have modernized healthcare services.

Community outreach programs, emergency services, and healthcare workforce training have also been enhanced. The FCT Rural Health Initiative sends healthcare professionals to remote areas, increasing healthcare access for marginalized communities.

Education –

Wike’s educational achievements include improvements to the School for the Gifted, with revamped infrastructure, curriculum, and educational quality. Renovations, laboratory upgrades, library expansions, and hostel improvements have created an environment for gifted students to excel. Teacher training and development programs recognize the importance of teaching excellence in delivering quality education.

Traffic Management and Transportation

Wike has introduced intelligent traffic systems and constructed key interchanges, reducing congestion and smoothing commutes. The expansion of public transportation options, including buses and taxis, has made travel more accessible and efficient.

Community Engagement and Social Welfare –

Wike has prioritized community engagement, fostering a sense of belonging among residents. Social welfare programs, including support for vulnerable groups, have been strengthened. Collaborations with community organizations and NGOs have amplified the impact of these initiatives.

In just eight months, Barr. Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has made a lasting impact on the Federal Capital Territory. His transformative leadership, vision, and dedication have improved the lives of residents, stimulated economic growth, and set a new standard for governance. As the FCT continues to flourish, Wike’s achievements serve as a testament to the power of determined leadership and innovative governance.

Barr. Nyesom Ezenwo Wike’s scorecard after eight months is impressive, demonstrating his commitment to the Renewed Hope Agenda. His administration’s achievements in inclusivity, security, infrastructure development, and sustainability have positively impacted the lives of FCT residents. As the minister continues to work towards a better FCT, his leadership serves as a model for effective governance and progress

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