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Rivers APC Chairman seeks public apology from Gov Fubara on naked women……Condemns gory pictures of half naked women supporting  

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The Acting Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, (APC) in Rivers State, Tony C. Okocha, has condemned the gory pictures of half naked women in the state under the auspices of a Pro-Government group dubbed ‘Rivers Women Unite For Sim’.

He said everyday, the gory sight of these pictures traumatise him, noting that Rivers State has dangerously taken the passenger seat in the vehicle occupied by States.

Okocha said the Governor must quickly identify and isolate and seek to correct the missteps, indiscretions, rudderlessness and cluelessness of his government and make deliberate attempts to take Rivers State out of her present squalor and dungeon.

He said Governor Sim and his Rivers Women Unite for Sim should apologise to Rivers State people, her women and entire womanhood in general, for funding and encouraging and applauding the moral suicide meted on those vulnerable women clad half naked and shown to the public and the huge shame brought to Rivers People.

“The hues and cries of those vulnerable women when they saw them and their children saw pictures on how they were disgracefully advertised, are so loud.

“I am told through credible intelligence that a particular one wants to commit suicide.

“Gov Sim, pls your apologies will save this life and take away the shame on the faces of their children and relatives.

“Rivers State APC, as the main opposition party in the State, shall not be deterred, cajoled/psychologised into docility or hoodwinked howsoever, to back down on the noble course of speaking for the circumstantially speechless masses.

“Pictures of our vulnerable Grandmothers, Mothers, Wives and Sisters, clad half naked for a paltry and miserable lucre, orchestrated by a system that is supposed to protect their decency.

“My sensibilities are insulted as I received myriads of phone calls and messages from all over the world, querying the reality or otherwise of this ugly scenario in our dear Rivers State.

“I had made frantic efforts to dodge and claim ignorance or consciously fall to the fallacy of red herring on the issues pointedly raised concerning the ugly pictures, but how would I succeed in dismissing with a wave of the hands, when the placards handed over to the women explain clearly that they are Rivers State women drawn from different ethnic stocks and Local Government Areas?

“In good conscience, can any reader truly deny the fact that these women, who can’t read nor understand the messages contained in the placards handed to them, were rented and hired and specifically directed to come half naked and walk the streets of Port Harcourt, from CFC junction to Polo Club in GRA phase 2, Port Harcourt for an offer they choicelessly because of striking hunger, couldn’t resist?

“What was the central message around the inglorious walk? ~rile support for the shaky Governor Fubara?  Such ignoramus in this contemporary world?

Okocha said the Government which ought to present as cynosure of excellence for her citizens before the world, is in this case, the crystal harbinger and proponent in chief, of the painful amoral act that was exported to the world.

“What we should query is the morality behind the dehumanisation, defiling and barefaced violation of old Rivers State Women as shown in these pictures.

“Can the fledgling government of Governor Sim Fubara claim to be oblivious of this international disgrace sordidly heralded by their sponsored action?

“Let us agree that the Governor, who is the beneficiary in chief, didn’t fund it. Was it palatable to his eyes and ears to see and hear Rivers Women clad half naked and convoked in his name or anyone’s at all?.

“Is this action not succinct enough to engender negative publicity to Rivers State, just as it is generating and buzzing now?

“What has the government of Gov. Sim done to save Rivers People from this palpable shame?

“At best, the Government has only romanticised and applauded the obscene action perpetrated by their hired political contractors behind the ugly scene, by sponsoring radio appearances to denigrate on those who vehemently condemned the primitive and degenerate embroidery of violation of vulnerable Rivers women.

“They cite the case of similar occurrence in Ogu/Bolo in 2019 when Old women spontaneously went half nude to protest the attempt of the military to cart away with their electoral materials and results and switch it against their interests. Bad as it was, but it is not the same as this one being procured.

“In this case, the women were made to walk cladded half naked, from the front of the Corpus Christi Catholic Church by the popular CFC Junction, to the Polo Club in GRA phase 2, Port Harcourt, the epicentre of the shameful spectacle.

“Whilst on the walk, the spokesperson reported that the women danced to the cherographies they were thought, while the political entrepreneurs/merchants ceased the liberty to reel and read out a 9 point resolution which was signed by the media officer of the Pro~Government group on behalf of the organisation,  Ms Glory N Sunday.

“Did the organisers of that event bring in their relatives half nude and intentionally announce them to the world?

“Were those Speakers at the event on February 22nd, 2024, not acolytes and appendages of Gov. Sim?. Were they not bold to unleash this heinous enterprise against womanhood and humanity (I shall name names if I am challenged).

Pictures and videos emanating from the scenes are handy”.

Okocha said the moral questions to ask include, “Did those women drawn from different Local Government Areas mobilise themselves to the take-off point?

Did the ones clad half naked willingly agree to it without financial inducements from the hunchos of the pro-Government group? Can we say that if they gave in willy-nilly, they can be qualified as prostitutes or mildly put, the most amorous women in our society?

“Who mobilised both the half nude women and the ones well dressed to the event?

Who were those that addressed the Women?

“Maybe the vulnerable hunger stricken Old Rivers State Women, they came on their own accord to also prove “Organic Support” for Gov. Siminalayi Fubara.”

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