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Presidential debate: Reason Nigeria needs ‘change’ – Ezekwesili

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The presidential candidate of the Allied Congress Party of Nigeria (ACPN), Oby Ekekwesili, has said Nigeria must disrupt and change its pattern of politics in order to end what she described as a cycle of failure.

According to her, a major problem that the nation has witnessed over the years, is bad leadership which she said has increasingly led to poverty and lack of hope among citizens.She said this during the NEDG/BON presidential debate on Saturday when asked why she wanted to be president.

The ACPN candidate, therefore, stated that if she is elected into office, she will bring an end to the cycle of failure in the country because she has a track record of solving problems.

She said, “The problem with our country was identified by Chinua Achebe when he said the problem of Nigeria is simply and squarely a problem of leadership.

“What we see in our country is massive failure of leadership. Our children have failed. Some 44 per cent of our children are stunted because they are malnourished. It leaves a lasting effect on them.

“Our young ones are hopeless in the midst of all of us because annually, some two to three million of them would graduate from school and find no jobs.

“Our women are being failed. Some 60 per cent of them are poor. Whether it’s in the north, south or east or west of Nigeria there is massive poverty. We have no business being the world capital of poverty.

“It is urgent for us to change the direction of our country.

“Because it is failure of leadership, it means that our politics has become politics by the politicians for the politicians and of the politicians. Many of you know me not to be a politician, however, I have been a technocrat that understands the political context of this country and it’s very clear that except we disrupt the pattern of politics that we have, we will continue to fail and we must no longer fail our people and that is why I am running for office. I bring with me a track record of being able to fix problems”.

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