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PDP Youth leader condemns open anti-party activities by members.

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.Asks NWC to take action



From Cyril Mbah, Abuja.

The Deputy National Youth Leader of the Peoples Democratic Party Tim Osadolo has made a passionate appeal to the National Working Committee of the party to urgently suspend some members of the party known to engage in anti-party activities.

Osadolo named the National Vice Chairman, South South, Chief Dan Osi Orbih as one of the many PDP members known to engage in open anti-party activities and called for urgent sanctions against the official to serve as examples to deter others.

Osadolo who made the remarks while addressing journalists in Abuja, said this is the time for PDP NWC to show Nigerians that it is a serious party that wants power and believes in the principle of justice, fairness and discipline.

Elder Tim Osadolo pointed out that the time to start sanitizing the PDP has come and a first bold step in this direction should be to suspend Dan Osi Orbih for open anti party activities.

In his words, “A few days ago, what seemed unbelievable happened in Ugbona, the village of Dan Osi Orbih and few hours later in Edo Central, where members of a group that fancies itself as the legacy group within the PDP, organised a show where they declared their resolve to work against the PDP in the forthcoming gubernatorial election in Edo State.

“As odious as these inconsiderate and unfortunate statement of theirs was, it was nothing compared to the disappointment, when you noticed that the leader of the pack of these unscrupulous renegades is Dan Osi Orbih. A man whose propensity to be cunning and guile is immense, you can only underestimate him at your own peril.

“Here is a man, PDP has completely rehabilitated and made a man. He has served in juicy national boards, been a state chairman for over a decade and currently a zonal vice chairman all on the platform of the PDP. If Dan Orbih is to thank God for his life, he will start by tthanking God for PDP and end by thanking God for the life of PDP.

“Ordinarily, when politicians of repute gather, Dan Osi Orbih should hide in shame, reasons being that his impotence cum incompetence at every electoral circle is legendary. This is a man despite all PDP has done for him, and given him, has not been able to say thank you to the PDP by assisting in even producing a councillor in his ward.

“It is on record, the most miserable years of PDP in Edo State, was under his a decade plus Chairmanship, wherein PDP lost from one election into another election cycle.

“At the last NEC of the PDP, a disciplinary Committee was set up by NEC. Moreso, the NEC gave the NWC powers to act on it’s behalf, pending the next NEC. Having heard the unfortunate comments by Dan Osi Orbih, where he openly said he will not be voting or working for the PDP to win, and also asking people to do same.

“It is important that the NWC do the needful by wielding the big stick-on Dan Osi Orbih and his co travellers. The case of Comrade Philip Shaibu, a new found ally of Dan Orbih can be explained, after all he has put himself through in these last few weeks, being human, he can make one act in diverse way,”   Osadolo concluded.

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