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Pastor (Dr) Ifeoma Eze finally reveals facts about women

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In our world, it is no strange fact that women suffer more because of the abuse, negligence, irresponsibility of men; however, we Women have our share of the problems too in the matter. I will make a list now…….

Making wrong choices of marriage partners because of premarital sex or lack of understanding.

Accepting what we don’t want because of tradition and the status quo. Who said it… Is my normal question? If God didn’t… I will always challenge it. I’m like that.

Enabling stupid attitudes of our would-be spouses in the name of….. That’s how men behave. How will someone who hasn’t paid the bride price on your head, beat you, abuse you and you go ahead and apologize for provoking him into anger? Who gave birth to you?

Not knowing ourselves enough and because of that we fall into wrong relationships we shouldn’t have been in the first place. You must know who you are and your capabilities.

Peer pressure from fellow women. Others are doing it? Others are having this or that?

Inability to put in our work to make marriage work. Every marriage is work. Every marriage is worked out, not wished for. Do you know what you must do to make your marriage work…… Read my book “All You Need to Make Marriage Work”

What will they say mentality… Who told you that you must kiss many frogs before you find the right person who will make you feel so loved? What will they say mentality….. makes you eat shit and forget that you are the daughter of a king who deserves more.


Not valuing a life of impact and because of that you accept any hand you are dealt with. You are born for much more and not born for the other room.


Believing that you are a Princess that needs to be rescued by a Prince Charming…… Disney World didn’t help us there… We need to change the narrative.

Here is what I have to say,

“I am not the princess waiting for A Prince Charming to rescue me and give me a seat!

I am the Princess who Rescues others, Helps my Prince Charming to Dominate his Kingdom properly and Fetch my Wood from the Forest to make a seat for myself, if one is not yet available for me!…… Pastor Ifeoma Eze.


Many wives are not aware of demonic forces that seek marriages to devour and they are lackadaisical and too cold therefore demonic forces perch everywhere in their lives. Pastor Ifeoma added.


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