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Parents urged to encourage children to develop artistic talents

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A school proprietor, Dr. [Mrs.] Olubukola Dosumu has appealed to parents to encourage their children to develop and express their artistic talents to enable them have balanced physical and intellectual growth.
Dr. [Mrs.] Olubukola Dosumu, who is the Proprietress of Everest Heights International Schools, Gwagwalada stated that every child has ingrained artistic talent waiting to be exploited and developed.

She stated that unless parents encourage their children to develop their latent artistic talents, Nigeria would be losing huge revenue which can be derived from arts, music, drama and stage acting.

“Once every year, we encourage our students to express their God-given talents in poetry, music, drama and other performing arts because we believe that every child has the artistic gift waiting to be tapped and developed.
“I want to use this opportunity to call on parents to allow and infact encourage their children to express themselves through the arts.

“What we are doing today can earn millions of naira for this country when these talents are developed and harnessed especially for the international market,” Dr. Dosumu said.

“This happens at the end of the year and this year we chose to highlight a serious topic which is child marriage which has eaten deep into the society,” she concluded even as she spoke about the numerous challenges that private school proprietors face convincing parents to obey proper safety rules.



For a better society

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