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Osinbajo: ‘Watch your back’ – Omokri tells Vice President after helicopter crash

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Reno Omokri, ex-aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan, has reacted to the helicopter crash that almost claimed the life of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and members of his chopper crew in Kabba Kogi State on Saturday.

Writing on his Twitter handle on Saturday, Omokri, who advised the VP to watch his back, said the non-fatal helicopter crash was beyond mere coincidence.

According to him, the crash was the second near-death experience the Vice-President would be having via helicopter within the past 12 months.

He claimed that some politicians, who perceived Osinbajo as an obstacle to their ambition of clinching the presidency in 2023 might actually be plotting his ‘elimination’.

Omokri tweeted; “This is the 2nd near death experience via a helicopter crash that OSinbajo has had.“Once Is an accident. Twice is not a coincidence. It is a pattern.

“Osinbajo better watch his back! I know that some see him as an obstacle to becoming President in 2023 #OsinbajoWatchYourBack”

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