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The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has warned its members in Adamawa state not to identify with Mustapha Madawaki, as the Labour Party candidate for governorship position in the state.
The organised labour in a statement yesterday, said Madawaki has a questionable character and presently under the investigation of Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC), and should not fly the flag of labour party in the 2023 governorship election in the state.
The statement signed by the congress president, Ayuba Wabba reads:
“As a follow up to a recent press release by Organized Labour in Adamawa   State   disclaiming   the   candidature   of   Mr.   Mustapha Umar Madawaki who claims to be contesting for the governorship position in Adamawa State on the platform of the Labour Party, we wish to reiterate the following important points of concern:
“Mr.   Mustapha   Umar   Madawaki   has   been   charged   by   the Economic and Financial  Crimes   Commission (EFCC) on  the account   of   the   failed   Kriston   Lally/NLC   Housing   Project   in 2015;2. Following the  seriousness of  the  allegations preferred against Mr. Mustapha Umar Madawaki, the outcry of workers and   the   proactive steps  taken   by the   NLC   leadership,   the EFCC  had  to  step  into  the  matter.
“After  a  thorough investigation,   the   EFCC   charged   Mr.   Mustapha   Umar Madawaki to court. The case between Mr. Mustapha Umar Madawaki   and   the   Federal   Government   of   Nigeria   at   the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) High Court 14, Nyanya, Abuja,Charge No: C12/23/17, is currently before Hon. Justice U.P.Kekemeke and has been ongoing since 2017;3.
“That   until   Mr.   Mustapha   Umar   Madawaki   establishes   his innocence, the Nigeria Labour Congress would never lend its support to such suspicious characters who have very serious criminal charges in the court of law. The policy of the NLC requirements of strength of character and commitment  to the   ideology   cum   Charter   of   Demands   of   the   Nigerian working class;
“The Nigeria Labour Congress enjoins all workers in Adamawa State not to recognize or identify with or support or vote for Mr. Mustapha Umar Madawaki. NLC has communicated this decision to the Labour Party; a party formed by Organized Labour.
“The Nigeria   Labour   Congress   reiterates  that   Mr.   Mustapha Madawaki   in   an   apparent   display   of   crass   impunity   and consistent with a pattern of grand deception took Organized Labour  in  Adamawa  State  to  court  claiming defamation of character.
“We hope he would pursue that case to a logical conclusion   as   Nigerians   are   eager  to   watch   the   parody  of how quickly an accused can suddenly adorn himself in the robe of an accuser. If he manages to show up in court, we are   ready   to   account   to   the   court   how   Mr.   Mustapha Madawaki wants to swim in the sweats of Nigerian workers to the governorship seat of Adamawa State”

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