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Majority leader confirmed attempt to impeach  Speaker

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 Henry Iyorkase, Makurdi. 

Attempt to impeach Benue State Speaker Hon. Aondona Dajoh thickened concerted moves are explored to ensure his ousted from the house.
Hon. Majority leader, Saater Tiseer has confirmed the development, adding that in recent times a section of the legislators warming up to do something funny their actions was capable of doing so neither to Governor Hyacinth Alia.
Speaking to journalists on Wednesday in Makurdi, Benue’s capital city on what led to the suspension of four members of the State Assembly. Clarifying their sharp division amongst others in the house.
He explained that the speaker won the election when he scored 17 against 15 informing the division was still among the two contenders consequently following these factions efforts were made to address the imbalance and let them discontinue from bickering to no avail.
Speaking further listed suspended members which include, Douglas Akya, Makurdi West, Cephas Dyako, Konshisha, Solomon Gila, and Anthony Agon Okpokwu, they constituted a clock in the wheel of progress, while we, re heading for a meeting, Douglas Akya, leader of G: 22  asked that he should inform the speaker to come and talk to them, which I went but he declined.
Thereafter some of us went for the meeting while others were outside embarking on ulterior motives emphasising that their actions were not in tandem with the majority division while some of them were planning to visit unpleasant consequences
Hon. Tiseer when asked why there was partiality toward sharing the seventeen vehicles that were purchased for members of the assembly. even if you’re involved in the distribution you will equally do so. By those who belong in your cabal.
The majority leader implored that when the vehicles arrived we selected those who were very loyal towards ensuring the Aondona Dajoh emergence as the Speaker each received the cars hoping that the second batch of those yet to get would be giving their turn.
” Am optimistic that giving these fragile challenges was engaging those feelings betrayed believing in no distant future the matter would be resolved. “And the difference between the other must come to an end. “
Recalling his determination to ensure the poor of the poorest children gained scholarships in his constituents received a quality education, emphasizing already some people were engaged to take statistics and made available useful information.

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