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Govt should give loans to fashion industry with low interest rate –Mackson Odiri

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MACKSON ODIRI is the chief executive officer (ceo) of MK casual and designs. He speaks with ISAAC NGUMAH on his business, challenges and what the government can do for the fashion industry. Read on:

What makes your fashion outfit one of the best in Benin City?

l am still a learner; l am someone that learns consistently; the more l grow, the more l learn. So. l believe anybody that patronizes me can attest to the fact that my work is very neat and very affordable. l learn most especially from my customer; l have corrected mistakes from their works.

What do you sew?

l sew different kinds of clothes, male and female wears, blazers, senator wears, anything l sew in the fashion business.

Where do you source for your raw materials?

l get materials from Dubai, Cotonou, Italy, Edo State and Onitsha

Why did you go into fashion design business?

l love fashions and designs so l love dressings in fashions, lam a good artist l know how to draw patterns so l said why can’t l make it a round table figure so l started learning to make fashions so l blend it together with my art work to make it a success as l draw the clothes and designs l put it into fabrics and it comes out well that is the reason why l went into the business and also l went into the business for money making l went into it for money, this are the factors that makes me go into the business.

How long have you been in the fashion industry?

l have been in the fashion business for about 10 years now

Can you tell us about your new business idea, innovations and strategies?

As a fashion designer l have created a lot of styles l have created a lot of designs l am not that inclined to social media, l have been trying to bring out recently l have started using social media handle to promote my works l am presently working on social media seriously and zealously to enhance my works on my facebook page l have created more awareness l want to reach more people who want to know more about fashion designs.

Tell us your focus in the fashion industry

My focus in the industry is to establish a fashion school and academy.

What drives you into the industry?

The passion is from the inside of while drawing the passion drive into fashion design came out my artistic works and fashion designs drives me in the industry and it did not take time to excel in the business.

How did you raise capital in starting your fashion outfit?

My family has really been a great support for me. My mum especially has been the one that has been supportive to me. She got me some machines and made sure that everything that l needed to equip my fashion business was available. She has really tried for me.

Is it capital intensive to start up a fashion outfit?

l will say yes and l will say no.

What are your challenges in the industry?

Fund is my biggest challenge. l need a lot of funds to achieve my dream right now.

Can you tell us about your customer relationship experience?

My relationship with my customers has been cordial and good. Because of my good characters with customers, l still retain the old customers who started with me from the scratch when things were not balanced. In fact, l make corrections from my mistakes. I’m humble and l have a teachable spirit.

Tell us about your growth in the industry

The things l am achieving now, l see myself rising from grass to grace. It has been a blessing all through. l have to thank God for the business has been growing by His grace. l have been achieving so many things.

Tell us about your expansion in the business

My expansion is really very great because l started with one machine but right now, l have lots of boys working for me and l have lots of machines and everything that will make my work neat.

Tell us your prospect in the industry

My prospects in the business has been awesome and great

Is the fashion industry in Nigeria striving?

l will say yes and no. The yes in the sense that if you are willing and ready to be patient in the business, yes it is striving, but for those that are not patient, in less than a year, they will crash in the business.

What do you think government can do to promote the fashion industry in Nigeria?

They should bring out a competitions whereby the personals are professionals in the business and also prizes to give out at the end of the day you see so many fashion designers will come together and it will make them to compete and also work hard and learn more as well it will create an enabling environment for the fashion business in Nigeria to grow.

What can you say about loans accessibility and what you think the government can do to make it easier for Small and Medium Enterprises in the fashion industry to access loans to support their businesses?

What fashion designers are going through recently is as if we work more and earn less getting a loan will be kind of difficult it is a good thing it will boost the business but it takes consistency for one who is in the business to pay back a loan getting a loan will encourage the fashion industry to large extent but the challenge is the high interest but the interest is low it will make sense but  the challenge so far is the interest rate which is always on a high side and government should come in and reduce the interest rate so that people in the fashion industry can access loans from the banks.

What can you say on those who have the intention of going into fashion industry?

For those that have interest of going into the fashion outfit l will say they draft their dream now time is not waiting for anyone if anyone has interest they should grab it now they should go to where they will be taught the business and learn more about the fashion business.

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