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El-Rufai: US reveals what will happen to anyone who interfere in Nigeria’s election

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The Michael Pompeo has warned against interference in Nigeria’s forthcoming elections.The United States secretary of state Michael Pompeo, on Saturday said that those who interfere or incite violence in Nigeria’s election would be held accountable.

Nigerians will be out to cast their votes for their preferred candidates a week from now.We have reported earlier that the governor of Kaduna state, Malam Nasir El-rufai had stated that any foreigner who interferes in Nigeria’s electoral process would leave in body bags.

U.S warned those who would like to instigate violence and interfere in the forthcoming elections to desist from their plots.
The country added that anybody who interferes must be held accountable.

“The United States government supports a free, fair, transparent, and peaceful election that reflects the will of the Nigerian people.

“It is critical that the Independent National Electoral Commission operates free from outside pressure and intimidation and in a totally objective manner.

“Nigerian security services must provide a safe and secure environment for the Nigerian people to exercise their rights. Those who interfere in the electoral process or incite violence must be held to account.

“The upcoming elections are an opportunity for Nigeria to solidify its place as a democratic leader in Africa.”

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