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Atiku pledges to restore Bakolori Dam, end killings in Zamfara

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The Presidential Candidate of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has assured residents of Zamfara State that he will refurbish Bakolori dam, end killings and ensure that the state is peaceful so that farming and business activities will be ignited.

The former Vice President gave the assurances on Monday in Gusau, Zamfara State Capital during his Presidential campaign rally.

The Waziri Adamawa who spoke to a mammoth crowd of supporters in Hausa said that if the state votes for the PDP, he will ensure that Zamfara which has become notorious due to killings and cattle rustling comes to an end adding that he will restore security and unity in the country and farmers will return to the farms.

He said that where there is no security,  there will be no farming, no business, no worship, no peace.

“Once we return peace to Zamfara state, we are also going to create wealth, business and farming. By Allah’s grace farming will return, wealth will return, businesses will blossom and the jobless youth will be employed.

“People of Zamfara, everyone of you knows the Bakolori dam, is it working now? We will repair the dam, so that it will work and serve you all. It helps in farming for Zamfara people and the people around Zamfara.

“Zamfara people, this is the time for you all to ensure APC does not get any elective position in Zamfara. Therefore, the vote you will all cast should be PDP’s vote” Atiku urged the electorate.

Also in his remarks, the National Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Prince Uche Secondus told the gathering that Atiku has a proven track record of ensuring businesses comes to live immediately after his election. He assured them that Atiku is going to reunite Nigeria, ensure businesses come alive so that there will be jobs and he will also restore peace and security in the country.

Secondus said, “Today we are in Zamfara and as you can see the mammoth crowd that have gathered here to welcome the next President of Nigeria, a man who has been tested, a man who has been successful in the private sector and also in the public sector, very very competent and the most competent candidate that Nigeria has today, very competent, efficient with a huge capacity to render service to Nigeria.

“The man that will work for 24 hours for you, to restore your security, to restore food to your table and to provide employment for all our youths and to restore all the companies that have been shut down here in Zamfara. That man is the only man that we have been waiting for, the next President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

He stressed that the endorsement of Atiku by leaders from across the country last Sunday including Northern Peoples Forum (NPF), Ohaneze, Niger Delta and the Middle Belt is an attestation of Atiku’s capacity to reunite the country.

The party Chairman warned the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and security against rigging the election, saying that it is a recipe for crises and will be squarely resisted.

“We also want to talk to INEC, we want to let INEC know that this election is the most important election in the history of our county. This election cannot be rigged. If they start rigging this election, they are breeding crises. We want to advice INEC not to rig this election, because the consequences will be grave. Election rigging brings crises.

“We also want to advice the security agencies that it is better for them to defend the constitution of our great country not to take side with APC. We have been told that security agencies are going to help APC but we know that there are good well trained security personnel who will not do that.

“But we still want to mention here, let them not defile this country by taking side with APC. We believe that elections should be fair, elections should be free elections should be credible, that is the only way we can accept the result of the election.  If the elections are not credible, if they are not free and fair, we will reject it, we will not accept it.”

Present at the rally were former governors of Sokoto and Kano State, Attahiru Bafarawa and Sen. Ibrahim Kwankwaso, former PDP Presidential candidate Tanimu Turaki, former governor of Niger State Babangida Aliyu, former National Security Adviser Gen. Aliyu Gusau (rtd) and other high profile party Chieftains from the Northwest.

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