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Ambassador Kristiaan Van Den Vyver bags Professorial Award, installed builder of cities with new Transport Technology

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The Belgium-born Orthopedic, Bandegist, blockchain Investor, and, specialist in The Law of Attraction who came to Nigeria as an Ambassador of Skyworld Community has continued to push the frontiers of the Innovative transport project which he introduced to Nigeria. Over the week, he was awarded the title of Professor of Philosophy in Peace Studies and Community Development by the Pan African Episcopal (PAC) University alongside receiving the award by the Esther Thelfid Foundation as a Distinguished System and Institution Builder in Nigeria.

The Technology, known as Unitsky String Transport Technology is described to have the huge economic potential to take over fifty percent of global transport, with massive returns on investment to Nigerians who tap into the investment. Revolutionary Transport was invented to solve the problems of urban traffic, combustive air pollution, and waste of time.


Looking at the situation in Nigeria, urban railway, air, and sea transport infrastructure are not at their best; and this is much evident in the moribund results associated with these various transport projects visible in the operation of all the modes of transportation.

The most used by Nigerians is road transport, with an estimated population of over eighteen million residents, and more influx of people daily into cities, the challenge in transport keeps increasing.

The Unitsky String transport technology will redefine transportation in Nigeria and the numerous challenges that include; traffic congestion, parking lot deficit, longer commuting time, poorly maintained roads, car fumes with its environmental impacts and energy consumption, accidents, and highway robbery which are the factors that necessitate the building of the technology in Nigeria.


In addition to the challenges stated, most rural states across Nigeria have to deal with accessibility issues. Some states are separated by hills, rivers, and forests, and commuting is usually very daunting, as people need to travel miles to reach the other parts of town.

As the Ambassador of the Project in Africa, he has traversed the various states in Nigeria Seeking investors into the project and approval for the right of way to build the project for any state that shows willingness. These vehicles are powered by gas, electricity and renewable energy. The vehicles can also create their energy for powering themselves as it drives using solar panels; as the system generates electricity

powering itself, in such a situation, some of the excess electricity can be supplied to the national grid. The vehicle can travel at a speed of 150 km per hour and up to an amazing speed of 500 km per hour.


The various recognitions and awards to Ambassador Professor Kristiaan hinged on his passion and commitment to building the project in Nigeria. Esther Thelfid Foundation is an organization that has a dogged determination to have accountability and transparency in civil society in Nigeria while

Honorary Professorial to Ambassador Kristiaan is in recognition of was Professor of Philosophy in Peace Studies and Community Development by the Pan African Episcopal (PAC) University.

The company through its registered organization in Nigeria, Skyworld Community Innovation Transport Africa Limited (SCITA) shall soon commence feasibility studies towards the building of the project.

Consultations are currently ongoing with the Federal, state, and all relevant Government agencies to approve the project for implementation in Nigeria. In an interview after the awards, Ambassador Professor Kristiaan declared that he was poised to change the narrative of transportation in Nigeria.



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