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“Time is Running Out: The Urgency of Road Improvements at Satellite Area of Lagos.

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Gloria Ezele

Good roads network are meant to ease transportation in any environment,  but roads in Satellite  town in Lagos area including Old Ojo Road, Maruwa Road, Irede Road, have become impassable due to the ongoing road reconstruction,  activities of hoodlums and trailer drivers.

It is worrisome , that most of the inner roads in Satellite town have become impenetrable causing hardship to road users. To worsen the situation, hoodlums often harass and extort drivers on the roads, causing fear and making people living around feel unsafe.

Meanwhile, trailer drivers often park their trailers on the roads blocking traffic and causing long delays that make people miss work and important appointments. Poorly maintained roads lead to accidents and traffic congestion.

In addition, the road users are currently facing damages to their vehicles, leading to major high cost of repairs and loss of time for drivers. For example, In some areas in Satellite Town, trailers are parked at major roads which cause traffic congestion and safety hazards. Sometimes students coming home from school get stuck in traffic for several hours in the night because of traffic congestion at Ile- Epo in Satellite Town.

While the government efforts to improve the road system are commendable, the pace of construction is far too slow to meet the urgent needs of the people. The delays are causing hardship and danger, both in terms of economy and personal safety.

It is time for the government to take a more aggressive approach to improving the roads, to ensure the well-being of the people.

I recommend the government act now to hasten the road construction and curtail the barest minimum of touts for the sake of the health and safety of the people and also the economy.

There is also need to regulate the activities of trailer drivers and increase police presence at major roads in the area.



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