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Prime Video’s Tiwa Savage Water and Garri debut film inspires people to try hands, excel at other things

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Streaming giant Prime Video launched a new movie Water and Garri exclusively in more than 240 countries and territories worldwide on Friday.

The premiere of the movie held at the Livespot in Lekki, Lagos paraded the cast of the movie alongside the lead character and award-winning afrobeats act, Tiwa Savage.

Water and Garri also featured actors Mike Afolarin, Andrew Bunting, and Jemima Osunde.

Talking about the inspiration behind the movie, Tiwa Savage said she wants to inspire people with her debut Garri and Water movie to try their hands at different things and execute them excellently.

Savage said she always dreamt of being an actor and referred to film and acting as “always been my first love.”

The Singer-Songwriter, at a Thursday press conference for the movie, said she wants to encourage different talents to not have to stick to one thing.

“You can do more than one thing and execute it excellently,” she said.

The executive producer, Vanessa Ogbonna also shared Savage’s thoughts on excellence as she pointed to the power of the women characters to navigate life as the most fascinating part of the movie for her.

The Water and Garri director, Meji Alabi and Savage, who played Aisha; an ‘I-just-got-back’ ambitious fashion designer, addressed the antithesis of the movie which seems to pop up right from the title.

Alabi said, “When we were creating it [Water and Garri] we weren’t thinking about balance. We were thinking about telling the story in an exciting and relatable way.”

Savage continued on the matter of topical and thematic contractions and surmised: “Life is never black-and-white. There are ups and downs. It [Water and Garri] has a global message and it has resonated with both African Americans and people that are not of African descent.”

The executive director, Jimi Adesanya recognised the movie’s cast for being supportive of each other and bringing the drama to life, Savage for her financial investments and the significance of shooting the movie at Cape Coast, Ghana.

Adesanya noted the fictional set of the movie is a representation of West African unity.

While addressing the location, Adesanya said, “That was a beautiful way for us to make our mark: the Cape Coast which also signifies the door of no return – some of our black brothers and sisters were taken away from us to another part of the world many decades ago.”

The Water and Garri movie also stars Andrew Bunting (as Kay), Mike Afolarin (as Mide), and Jemima Osunde (as Stephany).

Prime Video is set to release the Water and Garri movie exclusively in more than 240 countries and territories worldwide on May 10, 2024.

The Water and Garri premiere in Lagos State was supported by the office of the Vice President of Nigeria, Kashim Shettima.

In an address by the Special Assistant to the President on Digital & Creative Economy, Fegho Umunubo said the federal government’s support for the Water and Garri premiere is part of its show of support for the creative industry.

Speaking of the government’s support of Savage’s debut movie, Umunubo said, “She has committed a lot to the creative industry. We saw the need to support her, knowing how much it takes to move from music to film.”

Umunubo said the government has secured N5 billion in partnership with Providus Bank to support screened creatives in the movie industry who will receive the money without collateral.

Additionally, the Special Assistant to The President on Arts, Culture and Digital Economy, Ayo Adeagbo said another area of the government’s support for the creative industry is in policy-making, including a task force tackling piracy.

Adeagbo said the presidency is working with the Ministry of Justice to establish regulations to stem the loss of revenue from piracy.

Water and Garri is set in the fictional Eastside, where Aisha (Savage), an ambitious fashion designer, returns after she spent 10 years away in the U.S., following a family bereavement.

At home, things have changed — violence has escalated and tensions have been high. As she reconnects with family, old friends, and her past love, she must learn to live with her scars and confront the guilt she left behind.

The feature filmed in the city of Cape Coast, Ghana, entails gripping cinematography and storytelling.

Jimi Adesanya and Vanessa Amadi Ogbonna served as its executive director and executive producer respectively.

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