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Is Sujimoto gradually becoming Dangote of his Generation?

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Sijibomi Ogundele, the undisputed Luxury real estate maestro and developer of the iconic Giuliano building and the much-talked about LucreziaBySujimoto tower in Banana Island, is slowly becoming the Dangote of his generation. The under 40 entrepreneur who emerged from Agege to becoming the youngest Billionaire in Nigeria, is fast becoming a name to reckon with when it comes to luxury real estate in Nigeria.



With over $400 million dollars company valuation, followed by the company’s diversification into other relevant businesses; the tenacity, passion and unwavering vision of the Group Managing Director, has positioned him as the next Dangote of his generation.

No one would have thought that the Agege-born billionaire was once a hawker in France – where he sold souvenirs on the streets on the street of Nice, and also did Alabaru (a Yoruba name for people who loiter around in most Lagos markets, helping sellers and buyers alike, carry their goods and merchandise from one point to the other) for his trader Mum in Africa’s most populous market – Oke-Arin, where he was nurtured by enterprising Igbo Traders, which ignited his passion for business.

The Sujimoto Group is gradually taking over the entire business landscape, spreading its luxurious tentacles into the delivery of every-day goods and services, and reaching out to more Nigerians within the middle to lower class. From numerous Real Estate projects to Entertainment to Fintech, FMCG to Hospitality; Water production, Butchery and Abattoir, Lottery and Lifestyle, Sujimoto Group is sharing the gospel of lower prices and best quality.



Sijibomi Ogundele’s story and achievement at such a young age is truly inspiring because it takes only the spirit of a true champion to assemble such an audacious conglomerate, from the Lucrezia – which arguably is the most sophisticated residential building in Nigeria, to the Leonardo dubbed to be the tallest residential building in Nigeria, to Queen Amina, Smart City, Gastby, Crown City, Mr. Meat, 1K billionaire, Sujimoto Ready Mix Concrete and Cement, Sujimoto Residences, Suji Water, S-Hotel and the Sujimoto Plaza, Sujimoto is gradually becoming a transgenerational institution.



With offices in Dubai, Gwanzo, and New York City and numerous ambitious projects, one wonders what Sujimoto Group will be worth in 10 years to come. According to Mr. Ogundele; “Our biggest motivation is our critics because, without them, we couldn’t have come this far.”


With the grace of God Almighty and his mother’s love and prayers, the young billionaire believes that there is no feat his company has achieved today that was gotten on a platter of gold.  According to him;

“We have had to work 2 times harder, 3 times more, just to prove that without a rich Aunty or Uncle, one can still achieve success.”


Indeed Mr. Ogundele is a proof that what God cannot do, does not exist!



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