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Earth Day: Experts seek preservation of natural resources

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Some experts on Monday called for preservation of earth’s natural resources for future generations through sustainability.


The experts made the call in separate interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos, in commemoration of Earth Day 2024.


NAN reports that Earth Day is celebrated annually to honour the achievements of the environment and raises awareness of the need to protect the earth’s natural resources.


The first Earth Day was held April 22, 1970.


An environmental sustainability advocate and the Network Coordinator, Let’s Do It World (LDIW) Africa Region, Mr Gafar Odubote, called for reduction in exploitation of the earth’s resources.


“As we commemorate the Earth Day 2024, it is important that we mind the misuse of the earth’s resources in terms of exploration.


“We should be mindful of our exploration, mining and extraction of natural resources from the earth. We have to consider the healing of the earth when we explore its resources.


“For example in the area of forestry, we should drastically reduce deforestation activities. We need our forest life to be replenished,” he said.


He also harped on the need for creativity in cultivation of agro-produce, to slow down the depletion of the soil’s health.


“In terms of agriculture and food production, it is time for us to be very creative in preserving the soil’s health for increased yearly output.


“To also preserve the earth, our industries should reduce the rate of harmful emissions, as we encourage a cyclical economy.


“To preserve the earth, all activities should be centred on sustainability, be it agriculture, transportation, mining or exploration. We should allow the earth heal, let it breathe again,” he said.


On his part, Mr Ayokunle Imolehin, of the Federal Ministry of Environment, restated the need to ensure sanitation to preserve the earth.


“On this year’s  Earth Day, at our own end as a ministry, we focus on the sanitation aspect of the earth.


“Poor sanitation has actually led to the poor state of the earth. It has led to emissions of greenhouse gases which in turn lead to global warming.


“Global warming in turn affects the ozone layer and the earth in general,” Imolehin noted.


In addition, he said, “The way earth is presently is a reflection of how we are. We must ensure the earth is well maintained.


“We must also address the issue of deforestation by promoting forestation. Let us begin replanting of trees, to maintain a greener earth.”


While emphasising the importance of sustainability, Mr Emmanuel Emechete, an environmental advocate, called for reduction of use of agrochemicals in crop cultivation.


“As a basic sustainability development goal, ensuring food security should be considered in line with how we treat the earth.


“We should stop trying to overstretch the earth through incessant use of agrochemicals to cultivate crops.


“We should try to cultivate crops as organic as possible, so as not to deplete the quality of the earth,” Emechete said.


According to him, there must be conscious efforts to prevent the degradation of the earth by reducing the amount of chemicals that seeps into the soil.


“We can cultivate crops in a more sustainable way without degrading the earth’s resources. This will help reduce the pressures we put on the earth,” he said.

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