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Atiku pledges to complete 2nd Niger bridge, federal roads in the S/East

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The Presidential Candidate of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Atiku Abubakar on Thursday locked down human and vehicular activities in Asaba and Onitsha, pledging to complete 2nd Niger bridge, federal roads in the Southeast and reactivate the Sea Port in Warrior, Delta State.

The former Vice President who was received by mammoth crowd of party supporters in Asaba thanked the people of Delta State for their loyalty and belief in the PDP, and pledged to reward them for their loyalty by ensuring that all abandoned projects in the state were completed.

He reminded them that all the infrastructure in the state including, schools, hospitals, roads and other infrastructure were constructed under the PDP administration. He cautioned them not to fall for the antics of the All Progress Congress (APC) that have not been able to fulfill any if their promises to the people.

He said, “The schools that you have is PDP, the hospital is PDP, the road that you have is PDP, the airport is PDP, every development that you have in Delta state is PDP.

“Now let me tell you my commitment to Delta state if you elect me as your President, you see your port that have been abandoned, I will reactivate it. I will make sure that it is working and create jobs for Deltans.

“Secondly all the infrastructural facilities that have been abandoned by the federal government because you are PDP, I will complete them. You have been loyal to PDP and we will repay loyalty.

Also addressing the crowd at the Holy Trinity field, Onitsha Anambra State, Atiku told the surging crowd that they have two of their children on the PDP Presidential ticket, urging them that the Southeast will witness accelerated infrastructural development if he is elected.

He said, “You have two people on this ticket, Peter Obi is in this ticket, Jennifer Abubakar is on this ticket, I am minority.

“I beg you, return all PDP candidates, your Senators, your members House of Representatives, your Governor, the state Assembly, everybody must be PDP. At the palace of the Obi, they said I have to complete the 2nd Niger bridge, if not for anything, I have to complete it for my wife she dey here. The Obi said I must construct all the federal roads in the Southeast, we will do it, Peter Obi will do it. He said we must restructure Nigeria, this one, I am Mr. Restructuring, I will do it. Don’t allow anybody to come and deceive you, I know you people are courageous.

“The second Niger bridge I have to complete it, whether I like it or not. You see my wife is here she is from Onitsha, so I have to complete it. They deceived you, we will complete it for you. So I appeal to you to vote PDP all through.”

Also Speaking the Director General of the PDP Presidential Campaign Organization, Senator Bukola Saraki told party supporters that Atiku has the magic wand for job creation and will ensure the private sector plays a more active role in the economy.

“You get job when the private sector are booming. The only person that can do this, is the candidate we bring here today. He has businesses, he understand the language, if you don’t understand the language you can’t do it.

“Let me tell you something about business people, business people don’t do business in country where there is know rule of law and you know these people don’t understand rule of law, but Atiku understand rule of law.

“The only way to get Atiku inside is for you all to come out and vote, vote for PDP. Any vote for the other party is a waste. If you come out and vote nobody will rig it. There is only one man that can provide jobs, unite the country, improve our economy and that man is Atiku Abubakar” Saraki said.

Also in his remarks, the National Chairman of the Party, Prince Uche Secondus called on the electorate to vote for Atiku just as he cautioned the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and Security agencies to desist from compromising the polls and ensure the vote of the people count.

The campaign train earlier stopped at the Palace of the Obi of Onitsha, His Royal Highness, Igwe Alfred Achebe where he received endorsement.

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