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2027: Bode George, other Lagos PDP elders hold reconciliation meeting, seek strong, cohesive party chapter

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Ibrahim Quadri


Ahead of 2027 general elections, a former Deputy National chairman of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, Chief Olabode George has urged members of the party to bury their differences in order not to embark on a suicide and self-destructive journey.


George said with the suffering in the land and the mismanagement of the economy by the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC  another golden opportunity awaits PDP in rhe next election in 2027.


The Atona Oodua gave the remark during a reconciliatory meeting of Lagos PDP elders and leaders at Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja where party chieftains attended to forge a new front.


While stressing on the need to put on the thinking caps, George warned that PDP members must ensure that the party did not go into the dustbin of history in 2027.


He reiterated on solidarity to the tenets of the party constitution, saying  “we should not allow the collective unity of this party to be fragmented.


“So, this is the time for all elders and members of PDP to be concerned about the future of our great party.


“Obviously, party unity and inclusiveness of all members are ingredients to a viable strategy for our future electoral victories Some might say 2027 is still far away but realistically, it is not, By 2026 two years from now), politicking will start for the 2027 elections.


“It is our determination to ensure that the PDP returns to the Presidential Villa in Abuja and take over Governance in Lagos State on May 29, 2027 but, we can only do this if we are united, not divided. I spent 10 years as a top official of the National Working Committee (NWC) of our party, so I know how the system works.”


While acknowledging the crises in many state chapters of PDP,  he opined, “I will recommend that a zonal committee should go round the states and zones in the next six months to calm frayed nerves and encourage genuine reconciliation:


“We are where we are today because of self-inflicted crisis, so, this is the time reconciliation should be on top of our agenda. We should bury our Individual ambition now and not allow the PDP to crumble. We have no choice than to put our house in order..”


He pointed out, “If we want to win the 2027 Gubernatorial election, in Lagos, we should not allow ourselves to be divided.


“We must change the narratives now so that we don’t embark on a suicide mission, a self-destructive journey for our party in 2027 With the suffering in the land and the mismanagement of the economy by the ruling APC in Lagos since 1999, Lagosians are waiting for us in 2027 to kick APC out of Alausa.”


In his address, the Lagos State Chairman of the party, Hon Philip Olabode Aivoji said the reconciliatory and unity gathering signified the PDP’s commitment to internal cohesion, solidarity among its members.


Aivoji added, “In organizing a reconciliatory and unity gathering to design a road map for a better People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Lagos State, it is crucial to emphasize the importance of unity, inclusivity, and strategic planning. This speech aims to inspire party members to come together, set aside differences, and work towards a common goal of strengthening the PDP in Lagos State.”


Speaking in the same line of thought as Bode George, the chairman noted, “Before we can move forward, it is essential to acknowledge the challenges and divisions that have plagued the PDP in Lagos State. We must recognize that internal conflicts and disunity have hindered our progress and weakened our position in the political landscape,


“Furthermore, the roadmap being developed at this gathering will outline key initiatives, action plans, and timelines aimed at strengthening the party’s position in Lagos State. This strategic plan will likely encompass areas such as grassroots mobilization, voter engagement strategies, capacity building for party members, as well as enhancing the party’s visibility and relevance in the political landscape of Lagos State.


“Unity is not just a word; it is a collective commitment to putting aside personal Interests and grievances for the greater good of the party. As members of the PDP In Lagos State, we must prioritize unity above everything else. Only through unity can we harness our collective strength and make meaningful progress.


“Reconciliation is the cornerstone upon which we can build a stronger and more cohesive party. It involves forgiveness, understanding, and a willingness to move forward together. Let us embrace reconciliation as a foundation for rebuilding trust and solidarity within our party.



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