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Yormages Concept , the fastest growing fashion brand in Nigeria -Yomi Awoyemi

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Yomi Awoyemi  is my name , I am the Cheif Creative Director of Yormages Concept and Chief Executive Officer, Yornages Global Investment Limited .

Yormages Concept is one of the fastest growing fashion brands in Nigeria established in 2008 to cater for the growing Fashion needs of Nigeria, Africa and the world at large . We specializes in the production of all kind of male outfits, footwear and fashion accessories .

Yormages is a product of thinking and creative ideas. I have been involved in fashion business as far as 1998. Growing up, I have always love the idea of looking good and at a point I thought of it that if I could always get a lot of commendation from the way I look, I could as well extend that to many people by helping them to look the same and even better . That was how yormages Concept as a business was conceived.

About strategy on meeting customers, I must be sincere with you that I can t talk specifically of a particular strategy but our focus has always been to ensure that we give the best value to our clients at all times . We always try to ensure quality of our products and to add class to everything we do. Many customers we have today are through referrals because I believe that good product speaks for itself .

The prospect of Yormages Concept is bright . Fashion industry as a whole is large and the awareness of the Africans and its descendants across the globe in creating for ourselves a unique identity is what has given a lot of attention to indigenous fashion brands .you will observe that many CEO, private Business owners and public office holders in Nigerian now prefer to wear simple Kaftan against putting on suits and jackets for corporate or formal event . A good example of this is our dear Vice President , Prof. Yemi Osibanjo.

The idea of indigenous fashion is gaining momentum across many Africa society. We are a one stop shop for all male fashion items . If you visit any of our stores, what you will see are quality fashion items ranging from tailored made Kaftan , tunic , hat , fashion accessories and all form of leather works from shoes to sandals and belts all made from our very hardworking team of staff . We take pride always in the quality of all our products .

I have been involved in fashion business all my life because it’s a passion for me. Making your passion your profession is one of the greatest things that can happen to you . The business is less capital intensive if you are willing to start small and grow organically, which is what I always advice but it could as well be highly capital intensive if you want to start big. It doesn’t matter how you start, what determine your growth is the quality of your deliveries and your ability to manage your organization.

Fashion industry in Nigeria is an highly saturated industry. Wherever you go across the country , you can see fashion stores everywhere because the need for clothing is essential as well as food and shelter . So for you to be able to carve a niche for yourself as we have done , you need to keep your standard high and keep evolving in your designs and collection. Your Creativity and management skills is also key. Though there are many players in the industry, but there are not so many stand out brands . In the foresee future , It would be good to see a much regulated industry where the practitioners are guided by some rules of operations and professional standard set for the industry . Ours is an industry still being challenged by copy right infringement. The situation where creativity and intellectual property of individual is not protected can only do harm to the growth of the industry . I believe it’s a long way to go but I am sure we will get there .

The pandemic affected all industries across the globe and Fashion industry is not an exception . The lockdown means no business , social distance protocol ensures most events are cancelled which resulted into a great economy lose to many of us . Even as things have started to return back to normal , it will take a long time for us to get back to pre-pandemic era.

The Role of Government is to provide an enabling environment for private business to strive . Provision of stable electricity is key to growth . Government policies towards supporting SMES in Nigeria should be looked into . SME could be the engine of growth for our economy if government will give adequate attention to this sector . From policy making , to granting of low interest loan, to reduction of levies and fees, to proper education and orientation of our teeming youth , the role of government at all levels cannot be over emphasized towards the overall growth of the fashion industry in Nigeria .

Fashion industry in Nigeria contributes largely to employment generation in Nigeria , when considering the fact that small and medium businesses account for the 65% of the country GDP, government support for this important industry will no doubt create employment for the teeming unemployed youths of this country. Government intervention which can come in terms of direct cash transfer to the practitioners to expand their business will ensure increase in capacity and this will definitely impact unemployment market in a great deal . For Nigeria as a whole to attain sustainable economy development, we must address the infrastructural deficit by investing massively in electricity, roads etc . The revamp of of technical education is also key to boost quality of man power in the area of tailoring etc . God has blessed us with abundant resources in human and minerals , what will expect is the government that will annex this resources for the growth and development of our country .



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