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Why Buhari administration failed to meet Nigerians’ expectation- Bode George

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Former Deputy National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Chief Bode George has scored the outgoing President Muhammadu Buhari low, saying the failure to implement the report of the 2014 constitutional conference was responsible for his failure.
Chief George said, Buhari also knew he failed woefully in terms of service delivery to Nigerians hence he opted to go and stay in Niger to avoid the wrath of Nigerians.
Speaking with journalists in his office in Lagos,he said in his assessment, he can only give the outgoing government five percent, saying the government did not even score up to 33 percent which was the least mark permitted in an examination before one can be promoted.
George who is  a retired military officer said if it were in the military system he was not permitted to give assessment of Buhari who was his boss in the military but he is free to do that in a civil rule.
“Traditionally in our culture, military culture, you don’t give any report on your senior officer but,this is no longer military, it concerns every Nigerian as it concerns every Savannah region in the North.
“Has General Buhari administration impacted positively in the minds of the people? My personal assessment is that he failed, not completely in every sector.
“If you write an examination, they will say you must have a minimum of 33 percent before they can promote you to the next class but he did not attain that 33 percent, if I assess him he got about five percent .”
George noted that the major business of government  which was security of lives and property, the Buhari regime failed to secure that and nobody feel secured in Nigeria again urrespective of their status.
He maintained that another great mistake Buhari made was his failure to work on the report of the 2014 constitutional conference, saying rather he deposited the report into archive.
George said if he had worked on the report, it would have helped him in solving most of the problems facing Nigeria.
“When he was coming in, Oga was telling us,I will fight corruption, secure lives and property of the people.I will do this, I will do that, all kinds of promises, let us now move these promises into his departure rhat is what will be written for him on the pages of history, whatever a leader does during his term is on the pages of history. What I am saying now is that we are starting another journey on May 29th 2023. We must be full of prayers because I have worked with Buhari before I think he must’ve  been weighed down by age.”

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