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Who wants Ochendo Dead?

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Most influential commentators have examined the damages done by rumor and have come out with these observations.

‘Always keep in mind, haters spread rumors, fools accept them and idiots believe them.’

Another says: Insecure people only eclipse your sun because they are jealous of your daylight and tired of their dark, starless nights.

‘If you didn’t hear it with your own ears, see it with your own eyes, don’t invent it.’ Said another.

‘The great things about rumor is that you get to learn so much more about yourself you didn’t know.’


When it refuses to cease it beats all imaginations and suppositions. That about Sen. T A Orji started long ago but refused to fizzle out. It has assumed a challenging proportion and fast becoming a stereotype. At the early days of assuming the governorship of Abia State in 2007, rumor was at a towering height. They said that he would not win the election then, but he did. They said he would not be sworn in, but he was, precisely on May, 29, 2007. They equally said that he would not last in office but would be removed by the court, but he jumped the legal hurdles like an Olympian hurdler grazing through over twenty lawsuits laid on his way like booby traps. He scaled all and completed eight glorious and eventful years in office.

It is on record today that he was one of the best to govern Abia and was given a pass mark confirmed by the tickets to the senate which he is about completing now, but the ugly rumors have refused to die, rather rising like the Nigerian inflation.


Who wants Senator T A Orji dead?

After the Presidential and National Assembly elections of  Feb. 25th, 2023, rumour boldly flared up like fire incensed with gallons  of petrol.

This time some said he fainted after the elections, others said he was led by the hand as he couldn’t see. Some even had it that a strange sickness hit him.  Even before this time, some rumored that he was led by the hand to the senate chamber with the assistance of his aids, but that was damn lies, one hundred percent falsehood and stories from the pit of hell.


Who wants Papa Ukwu dead?

What bothers me is that these ceaseless rumors follow a certain pattern. The sponsors start in public transport vehicles, tricycles, long and short busses. They continue the spread in market places, drinking arenas and nondescript small groups. Unfortunately, the gullible public disseminate ignorantly as I have received calls from USA and Dubai.


Who wants Senator T A Orji dead and maimed?

It is rather unfortunate that we live in communities where the morals, Igbo custom and tradition, and the holy writ forbid Christians from wishing anybody evil and not even to talk about death.

But this fake news has refused to go.

Most of these rumor mongers are celebrating the woes of February 25th 2023 election that didn’t favour our beloved Ikuku the Speaker of Abia House of Assembly. It is not strange to lose elections. What is bad is being a bad loser.

It is not a personal thing. All over Nigeria, many lost. In our neighboring Anambra State, only two NASS members survived out of eleven. Towering infernos like Senator Ekwunife, Rep members Linda Ikpeazu, Obinna Chidoka all were blown by the Obi blizzard. In the real sense, many have lost in elections, especially in this Ikuku case. Abia in particular lost a vibrant legislator. Communities, individuals who benefited through one way or the other through the people oriented leadership of Ikuku have lost. Orphans on scholarships, widows on monthly stipends, youths undergoing skills and all have lost. Let us pray that the people coming up would be human enough to reach out and touch these needy lives that the speaker cared for.

For Senator T A Orji nothing is lost, it is morning yet on the creation day. He is 72 years old and pushing. He is a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria surrounded by diehard supporters and complex adherents, multiple family members, children and grandchildren, a highly supportive wife and a host of aides.

In Igbo mythology and belief system, when you inordinately wish somebody dead, life comes to him in abundance. These evil wishers since 18 years now, as your wishes have not manifested, can’t you give up?

Pray to God for your own lives. Ochendo has grown beyond your evil wishes. And mind you, as the bible said, ‘the measure you give is the measure you receive.’ If you wish Ochendo dead, how will you live?


Eddie Onuzuruike1


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