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United Kingdom Atlantis: His Imperial Majesty briefing to UKA citizens being Monday 1st of July 2024

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Fellow citizens, I send you my royal greetings, Recalled in my last Salah greetings,  promised that I will be coming your way again to brief you on our progress so far, as well as success we have achieved towards the realization of our objectives.


Let me inform you that tremendous progress has been made and that very soon relocation to our promised land will commence.

Below are some of our successes recorded so far:




Our Country has now been formally recognized by the United Nations.


The UN has also approved UKA to supervise/coordinate all Humanitarian activities in the 194 countries in the world. We have also been approved to start operating as a country, pending our fina relocation.


In addition, registration of United Kingdom of Atlantis in England United Kingdom, was highly successful.


Also, Atlantis nations and Empire registration in USA, and finally Atlantean crown E-currency registration with Lithuaniain view.




We now have in place a draft constitution which has been sent for review by the constitutional committees, and soonest


it will be ready for implementation.

In addition, I would like to inform you that UKA now has a ful developmental structure with myself as the Emperor/ Head of State and Commander-chief of the Armed forces.

Then, we have the UKA Supreme Council, The Executive, The Parliament and Judiciary arms, the Service Chiefs, Heads of Ministries including the Royal Bank Governor, and other Heads of Parastatals.


These structures put in place are now expected to start drawing up workable plans for implementation.



For better knowledge of our digital crown, we encourage you to regularly check our web site and be rest assured that UKA shall operate both digital and fiat currency, in other words, to promote ease of doing business and to push forward rapid development of the kingdom.


These currencies have already been approved and adopted by parliament as currency and Medium of exchange for our dear sovereign country.




Fellow citizens, I am happy to also inform you that in a very short time, some of our officials shall be traveling to have

physical meetings with the navigator for the purpose of the said territory, for onward activation and to commence immediate construction and transformation of the said territory” called UKA.


We assured you that by the Grace of God Almighty, all barriers impeding our movement to our promised land have been overcome, we are at the top of the completion stage, and I will like to assure you that in short distant time, you will begin to witness swift accelerated steps being taken in other to actualize our dream.

Various engagements by foreign Affairs are being held with relevant solution partners, organization, and we expected to come out with concrete plans that will ensure peaceful, secure and orderly movement of our citizens from around the world to our promised land.


The movement will be systematic. Very soon, Our Supreme Council together with our Kings and Queens will be traveling to possess the land, host our flag and announce us to the world.


Subsequently the gradual movement will start with our strategic partners providing the necessary assistance.


After that we expect this initial movement to be followed by our Security arm (service chiefs, Intelligence, Police etc.)

Thereafter, the Heads of Government and ministers, and other heads of Parastatals/Agencies.


Finally, other government officials and citizens of our dear country will gain access to our territory.

I want to thank you al for your continued patience and your prayers in actualization of our dear nation.


For a better society


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